5 Best Restaurants in Islamabad

The beautiful city of Islamabad is situated in the North of Pakistan. This beautiful city has amazing greenery and beautiful infrastructure. You can visit our article places to visit in Islamabad to understand the best tourist destinations. But that is not the only thing that the city provides tourists it also has amazing food. But you have what we call heavenly food in Islamabad for tourists. However you must visit certain restaurants to get this type of food . Today in this article I will talk about some restaurants that you must visit in Islamabad.

Best Restaurants in Islamabad

Food of the Islamabad is quite famous. Whether you are looking for the fast food, continental or the desi food, you will get all. Even it has some foreign restaurants, that can get you the foreign food if you would like to have. Also, different restaurants have different locations. Some provide you the best scenery like Monal and some with great taste. However, based on the experience and recommendations, I would suggest you to visit the following 5 restaurants in Islamabad.

1- New Yorkers pizza

New Yorkers pizza is situated in F7 markaz in Islamabad. This pizza is the most amazing pizza in the entire city. This place serves varieties of pizzas but the most unique thing about this pizza place is that the pizza comes in only one size. It only comes in a 24 inch pizza size So what if one person visits this restaurant? Or what if a couple wants to visit this restaurant?

I mean it is quite obvious that two people cannot finish a 24 inch pizza. Therefore you can purchase slices from these pizza place.it has a large variety of pizzas but the most prominent ones include the barbecue pizza the vegetarian pizza the cheese lover pizza and chicken Supreme pizza. If you ever visit Islamabad make sure you go to New Yorker pizza to get the best pizza in town.

2- What a Paratha

What a prata offers the most unique and different kind of food available in Islamabad. It also offers wraps and breakfast but it is known for its filled in parathas. what a porta has brought us that are filled in with different kinds of fillings that include barbecued meat of beef steak shredded into pieces or cut into small pieces. It can also be filled with gnutella or some mashed boiled potatoes . but that is still the tip of the iceberg.

It has many different kinds of fillings and there are many different type of parathas including periods are barbecue beef steak allu Nutella chicken and others. Another thing that makes this restaurant so popular is that it has a very unique sauce that is used in the filling no I don’t know what that sauce is because that is a trade secret but I can assure you that no matter where you go you won’t find a sauce as tasty as that.

3- Hot n Spicy Roll Paratha

Hot spicy roll prater is one of the best role parters that you will ever find in Islamabad. Horton spicy serves three different kinds of roll parathas. It has regular size jumbo and boom boom size it also has a variety of flavors such as Malay boti, chicken boti, chicken Bihari, chicken tikka and others. it is served with green chutney which adds amazing taste. however this is not all the dish restaurant serves it also provides you with single burgers it also has a barbecue section.

Barbecue there is amazing they will provide you with amazing chicken tikka. The biryani there is a feast that everyone must try. Overall I recommend everybody to go to this restaurant ’cause it is one of a kind and no matter how many times you visit it the taste never stops to get better. Moreover this restaurant is extremely economical so you will find that the food is not very expensive unlike other restaurants on this list.

4- Monal Islamabad

Is a restaurant situated in pir sahawa Islamabad. It is situated on mergler Hills at the top of Islamabad. From this restaurant you get the entire view of the city. The beauty of the city it’s so overwhelming that it enhances the flavors. The restaurant is extremely posh and it is also pricey but the meal there is completely worth the price. The restaurant is offering you a great view specially if you’re going out on a romantic evening with your partner.

The Monal restaurant is also famous for its food. The complimentary view makes the meal even more delicious. It has amazing chicken Karahi. the chicken Handi is also a treat for your mouth. This restaurant is the most popular restaurant in the entire city.in fact it is so popular that people from all over the country come to this restaurant to enjoy the meal with the iconic view of the entire glorious city of Islamabad.

5- Ranchers Cafe

Ranchers is one of the most amazing restaurants you can find in Islamabad. With a branch in I-8 sector, this restaurants provides you with delicious burgers. The beef burgers like cowboy burger are not only delicious but also reasonable. The patties used are thick and well cooked. Meanwhile the bun is hot and fresh. Add a mint margarita to it and you will be able to see what true good food tastes like.

Ranchers also serve Pizza. They have multiple varieties of pizza including pepperoni, chicken barbecue, chicken supreme, smoked chicken, sausage, and others. But the special ranchers crown pizza really takes the crown (Pun intended). this pizza shaped in the form of a crown is able to make the pizza more delicious and yummy. it is filled with sauce from inside and the topping is very thick with extra cheese.

Final Words

Islamabad might not be known for its food like Karachi or Lahore but you still can find amazing restaurants here I would recommend you all to visit Islamabad and try at least one of these restaurant so that you can understand the overwhelming taste provided by Islamabad’s chef.

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