4 Best Sights to Visit in Northern Region of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that is blessed with the beautiful northern region. it has the Himalaya and the Hindu Kush range. Add delicious, beautiful green valley’s accompanying the snowy peak mountains you will get the gorgeous northern region. Good northern region is so vast and is mainly incorporated in the province of KPK and Gilgit Baltistan.

The heavenly northern region has become the amin tourist attraction of Pakistan. Many foreigners travel form abroad just to visit these majestic peaks. However, the northern heavenly region has become the main tourist attraction of Pakistan. Today in this article I will tell you about the places you can visit in the northern region of Pakistan.

Best Sights to Visit in Northern Region

The northern belt of Pakistan is famous for the tourist sites. There are a lot of cities and area included in this belt which actually starts from the Khunjerab pass and ends in Shogran. The beautiful attractive sites in this belt, that you should visit are

1- Naran

Narayan is the most popular tourist destination in Pakistan. It is not open for the entire year because of climatic reason.  In winter is extremely cold in Narayan.  The valley becomes inhabitable. But that is not in that this place is field throughout the winter. Value of is accessed by roads that have been built in very dangerous mountainous areas. The roads are after the prey of landscape.  Due to these reasons the Government of Pakistan has sealed this region during the winters.

 In the summer, the mountainous valley of Narayan is visited by thousands of tourist’s locals as well as foreigners. Is famous for snow-capped peaks and the in famous Lake Saiph Ul malook. Situated at height of 4000 feet and is among one of the highest lakes in the world. The lake is famous for its clear water in many tourist travels to see this Icy lake.  It is that the rate is so beautiful that even Furious live there which gives the name Saiful muluk.  To access you must use it because the Terrain is Rocky and is after dangerous, so Jeep is the best mode of transport.

Then our now accommodation available in hand. You can purchase hotel room for less than 300 Dollars per night.  Locals tend to prefer to travel to Naran within a day to avoid additional accommodation cost.  I would personally recommend you visit Naran. The cold weather of Naran in the hot summer of Pakistan portrays the diversity of weathers in Pakistan. Brand is often listed as the most beautiful place in Pakistan, and I would say that it deserves the place amongst the lists.

2- Kaghan

The two cities Naran and Kaghan I often said together just like Rawalpindi and Islamabad. these two cities are famous because they possess scenic beauty. call van is infamous for the infamous ansoo Lake. The Ansu lake also known as drop lake famous because it is shaped as a tear drop.  If you observe it from above, you can see a tear drop.  The lake has become as popular as lake Saiful muluk.   To enter the valley of khagan you are required to use a mule. Mules are used to enter this valley.

Kaghan also has the extremely popular hill station of shogran. The shogran hill station is popular because of the view that it gives. From shogran you can see the K2 and nanga parbat peaks as well as a lot of other mountainous areas. Shogran’s view is unanimously voted as the best view in Pakistan. You can see the entire Kaghan valley and see the Naran valley from it. 

If you ever get a chance, I urge you to visit Kaghan. Kaghan is situated extremely close to Naran so a lot of tourist visit these two together. They stay in Naran for the initial part as Naran comes first then they go upwards toward Kaghan and even upwards to visit shogran hill station.

3- Swat

Swat is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. It is blessed with lush green beauty and tall mountains that are covered with beautiful trees. It is said to be the most beautiful city in Pakistan. Unlike the well-developed cities like Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore the city of swat is more like a village.

The swat valley has a very sweet local culture. You can go there and purchase carpets from the locals who make them by hand. These carpets are very beautiful and because they are handmade the quality is also extremely high. compared to the prices in other countries these carpets can be bought at a very low price. Moreover, you can also enrich yourself with the culture of Swat. You can see how the local guy live in swat.

Near Swat is the infamous nanga parbat. you can go to the base camp of nanga parbat from swat. so hot is also popular for the hospitality of the people besides just it is beautiful scenic beauty. the locals are extremely hospitable and if you do not have a place to stay a lot of people often invite you to stay with them. that is right you will not see that in any other country it will see that in fact in a lot off cities in Pakistan.

4- Gilgit

Gilgit is famous for its cold weather and rocky terrain. In these mountainous regions many people travel to experience adventure sports such as mountain climbing and bungee jumping.  You can also see exotic animals in Gilgit Baltistan that are usually not seen in the entire world. one of the most endangered species the snow leopard has recently been seen near Gilgit.

you can also see markhor the national animal of Pakistan in Gilgit. but that is not all that Gilgit has to offer. Gilgit is among the least populated cities in Pakistan. The clean air and the parent mountains provide its unique look in the northern region. the people of Gilgit R kind and hospitable. day welcome visitors with a lot of hospitality and I assure you that you will enjoy your trip to Gilgit.

Final words

I would like to conclude by saying that Pakistan is among the most beautiful country in the world. It has an amazing northern region that is blessed with heavenly beauty that a lot of people from all over the world admire. It has scenic beauty and hospitable people.

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