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Top 3 Cities to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful country of the world. It is an island country located in Oceania southwest of Pacific Ocean. It has more than 700 smaller islands and New Zealand covers an area of 268,021 square kilometers. The country has the population of 4.917 million residents. The beauty of New Zealand

Top 5 Cities to Visit in Egypt

Egypt is a country present in in North East Africa which links the Middle East with the North East Africa. Egypt is famous for its antiquity present in museums of Egypt and historical sites like Pyramid of Giza. Egypt is known world wide because it is in historical country and civilization were made there in

7 Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is in Asia. It is a small country, but it has a lot of interesting place for you as a tourist to visit. The Singapore is also known as the playground for the rich. Singapore you can visit luxury Hotels and shopping malls. you can visit many Lovely public places with your family. Places

How Tourism Contributes to Economy?

Tourism is an industry that is growing day by day. This industry impacts a lot of other industries and today in this article we will discuss how the tourism industry impacts the economy of a country . Whether the tourism brings in negative positive effects will be the main aspect of our article. Tourism is

How Much Tourism Industry Worth’s?

Although many of us have been “tourist” at some point in our lives, define what tourism can be challenging. Tourism is the activities of people traveling and going to and staying in places outside their usual environment and locales for leisure, business, or other fun purposes for not more than one consecutive year or month.