4 Best Cites to Visit in Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country situated in the subcontinent. This country gained independence from the British in 1947 it is the only country That gained freedom on religious Basis. This country has a rich history of struggle to gain their independence. The culture is extremely rich and many people spend their entire life studying their culture. but culture is not all that this country has to offer.

This country has a beautiful northern region that comprises of place that one must visit in their lifetime. It is also the home to the second largest mountain on the planet that is K2 or the renowned Godwin Austen. Many people visit Pakistan just to climb this mountain. Today in this article I will talk about few cities that you must visit whenever you get a chance to travel to Pakistan.

Best Cities to Visit in Pakistan

Pakistan is a very beautiful country which has a lot of diversity. From mountain to sea and from lush green valleys to desert. It has everything, which four seasons, which attract the tourist. However, there are some important cities that you must visit. Each of them has their own specialty and weather. The cities, that I would recommend to visit in Pakistan are

1- Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It is the only city that was planned and developed in Pakistan .  This beautiful city has many  things to offer. You can visit places like the Faisal mosque the in famous centaurus mall of Islamabad. Is surrounded by  margalla Hills.   These Hills attract lot of people for hiking and there are also  restaurants built on top of these Hills.  One can visit these restaurant such as the Monal restaurant and enjoy an amazing dinner with their family or loved ones.

But this is not all that this city has to offer. The city offers in amazing quality of food that one can enjoy it has a wide array of restaurants that you can visit to enjoy family time. You can also visit places to admire culture such as Lok visa or the National Museum of heritage. these are one of the few places that one must visit to enjoy the cultural aspect of this country.

2- Swat

Swat is a beautiful city situated in KPK province of Pakistan. This city is considered as the Switzerland of Pakistan . With its beautiful valleys lush Green Mountains and clear crystal watered River this city is considered a heaven on the earth. Many people equate this city with paradise. There are beautiful resorts in this city where one can get scenic view of the entire Valley and enjoy a romantic time with a partner.

this city has become one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for couples. have the people of swat are extremely hospital and cooperative. Visiting this city can be heavily experienced and if you are from outside Pakistan then this players should be a must see for you.

3- Naran

the city of naran is covered with snow throughout the year. This city is only open through summer. You cannot visit the city in winters because of its extreme temperatures and risky routes. this city can be an amazing experience for you because of the beautiful snowcapped peaks and the extreme cold in the warm summers of Pakistan. The beauty of the city cannot just be described in words its beauty is ineffable. But let me assure you that snowcapped peaks and the extreme cold is not all that the city has to offer. This city has amazing resorts that you can spend your time in and enjoy the scenic view.

The other popular thing that people visit the city far is the Lake saffel malueg this Lake is at the height of 4000 feet I just considered one of the highest altitude lakes. There is a bit that even the ferries used to stay in this Lake because of its extreme beauty and crystal clear water. These are just the tip of the iceberg for the city you will learn more when you get to see it with your own eyes. So if you ever get a chance to come to Pakistan please make sure that you was it there on at least once and also try to come to see this place in summer because it’s winter you won’t be able to.

4- Karachi

the largest city and the economic hub of Pakistan is a city that one must visit. This city has unique tourist attractions that include the mausoleum of the great leader Quaid  Mohammad Ali jinnah. the city also has the sea. Karachi’s beach is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the city . You can also get a resort at the hawksbay so you can enjoy fishing in the sea. Have it also has one of the largest parks in Pakistan also known as the Clifton park you can go there for amusement rides or you can visit these large green lush gardens to enjoy it.

You can also visit the three sword choke in Karachi . But the most important thing that this city has to offer is it’s unique street food and nightlife. Karachi is popular for it’s biryani which is considered as the best biryani in the entire world. so if you ever get a chance to visit Karachi make sure that you eat a biryani there

Final Words

Pakistan is a beautiful country and has a lot of places that one can visit. The diverse culture of Pakistan allows many people to understand the unique way that people live here. Many people still show concern whether the country is safe or not. However, after military operations to wipe out terrorism in the country, the country has become safe for everybody. Terrorism is no longer a problem. The successful operations like Zarb-e-Azb have wiped out the militants hiding in the Waziristan region. this has made the entire country very peaceful.

Pakistan is also very safe for women. In the culture of Pakistan, the women are respected a lot. So, men show the tourist ladies a lot of respect. The women are even given preferential treatment. Unlike India, which has been deemed the most dangerous country for women, Pakistan offers an extremely hospitable environment to women which is safe. So, all those who are concerned that whether they would be safe here or not, they should know that Pakistan is very safe and hospitable for tourists.

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