3 Best Places to Visit in Birmingham

Birmingham is a city situated in the Midlands of the United Kingdom. it is without a doubt a major city. The city took part in a major industrial revolution of the United Kingdom so it shares a unique history. This city has several landmarks that can be associated with the revolution.

This city is considered as an extremely unique city because of its historical background, its economical position and its unique culture. Birmingham has many places that one can go to visit. There are attractions that attract tourists as well as locals. In this article today I will tell you about places that one can go and visit in Birmingham.

Best Places To Visit in Birmingham

There are a lot of places to visit in Birmingham, but you cannot visit all of these places in one trip, if your trip is short. In that case, you can visit the following 3 important places in the Birmingham.

1- Cadbury World

Cadbury world is an interactive place that is built by the company Cadbury. this place  has many exhibits that display the rich history of chocolate and how it came into being. This place is a self guided tour which has many rich exhibits. This is the entire history of the chocolate industry one of the major industries that people love. I assure you that this place is going to be one hell of a ride to take your kids to. the tour also tells us about the history of the cadbury company how it came into being and how it has become a major chocolate company giant.

I assure you that this is going to be one hell of a tour. When you go inside and visit you also get a free Cup of chocolate that is going to get your kids we interested in this. there’s also outdoor area where the kids can play. The staff is very cooperative and they are extremely efficient. Cadbury word has become one of the largest and main attractions of Birmingham.

2- The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

the Birmingham Museum of Art has a rich collection of art that one must go when they visit Birmingham. it is a vast collection of ceramics and other things that have important historical and political features. This is the place to go when one wants to understand the local culture and the history of this city. Birmingham Museum of Art and Gallery contains not only ceramics it also has artificial jewelry that is going to attract a lot of people . It is collection metal work , Fine Arts and jewelry.

the Birmingham Museum of Art and Gallery portrays the rich historical background off this city. The museum contains local cultural history as well as the industrial history of the city because the city played a major part in the industrial revolution of two Great Britain. Are you sure you that whenever you go to visit the Birmingham Museum of Art and Gallery you go and take the kids so that they can stand the which historical significance that this museum has to offer to everybody. 

3- National Sea Life center Birmingham

the national select center has become the most popular tourist attraction in the entire city. This massive Senior Center has 60 exhibits. The sealer center that holds millions of liters of ocean water and River water Houses a large varieties of species . There are over 2000 different species that are present in this sea life center. This place has a large variety as I said before. It holds octopi Stingrays otters crabs and even seahorses.

This sea life center has a large variety of species but the main attraction is neither the octopi nor the crabs not the seahorses but it is a bird that swims and is rarely seen by anybody. Absolutely it is the one and only the Penguins . This cute furry creatures or I might as well say birds are the main attraction that attract a lot of tourists to this sea life center.

This sealife center is without a doubt an amazing tourist attraction. It makes one wonder about the amazing life under the mighty oceans that occupy 75% of the planet. Everybody’s gotta admit that this center might be the most popular tourist spot for the kids. Although they might not understand the rich industrial history they will surely be fascinated by sea creatures.

Overall I would conclude that Birmingham is an amazing city with great tourists attraction that will make your trip worthwhile. The places I have mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg as a this city has a lot more to offer than one article can summarize.

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