3 Best Places to Visit in Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the well recognised city world wide. Basically Cambridge is famous for its extra-ordinary and top rated University that is Cambridge University. If you have a tour to Cambridge, mostly you will find colleges and museums there, the city of Cambridge is having a lot of colleges and mostly the colleges are of the ancient times. Some colleges are made by King Henry some are made by his wife and some are made by the Queens, Kings and the other royal family members.

Cambridge University was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott, this university was made in 1209,  when the teachers and Scholars of the Oxford universities migrated to Cambridge in order to escape the riots of Oxford. Cambridge is a very peaceful city and the crime rate there is quite low then the other cities and if we compare crime rate of cambridge with the US cities, Cambridge would have a low crime rate. Cambridge is a very fruitful place, many of the great personalities have graduated from Cambridge University, and other colleges present in Cambridge.

Places to Visit in Cambridge

If you are a student of and O & A Level, I would higly recommend you to visit Cambridge and you should go there so that you can have a look at the great education system of Cambridge. In Cambridge you will not only fine educational sites but you will also fine some Historical site and amazing scenic beauty which would Catch your heart. I would highly recommend you to visit Cambridge, England and visit these places there.

1- Fitzwilliam Museum

The Fitzwilliam Museum is the museum of art and there are many antique and archaeological items present in the museum. It is located in the Cambridge University. It is mostly open but you have to buy a ticket to get entry. If you have interest in pieces and archaeology, I would recommend you to visit this museum as it contains a lot of antiquities. It will definitely benefit you and you would have a lot to learn by visiting this museum.

Many hundreds of the locals and tourist visit this Museum daily have a look and the sculptures, paintings, drawings and other item of early peoples lived in Earth. It is located on Trumpington Street and to the opposite of the Fitziwilliam street. This Museum was founded by Richard FitzWilliam and the Museum was named on his name. This Museum was founded in 1816.

This is the most famous Museum of Cambridge. This Masterpiece of architecture does not only contains the magnificent collection of England but it also contains antuiquities of Greek, China, Roman as well as Egyptian antiquitties also. A fine Gallery is also present there. If you had a tour of England and you had visited Cambridge, I would highly recommend you you should visit this museum. I ensure you that you will like this place and find it interesting and you would have learnt a lot from it.

2- Anglesey Abbey, Gardens and Lode Mill

Anglesey Abbey, Gardens and Lode Mill is also known as house of fine arts. This house was made in 1926 and now it is in the hands of the national trust. Because this place and the have a look at the amazing and wonderful art collection displayed of Angles Abbey. This is not just benefit to visit this place moreover there you can get a freshful environment as there is 114 acres of land utilised for parkland. There you can have a great moment of your life and enjoy with your family and friends I would highly recommend you to visit this place as this is a must visit place.

There you can enjoy with natural beauty of gardens and the watch birds and listen the beautiful singing of birds. You can watch natural habitats of different types of insects and animals. After that just near to Gardens and Angles Abbey there is a Mill present which is ‘Lode Mill’. There you can have a look at the job of mill workers and see the procedure of mill and watch the grindstones and many other different stone doing their job.

This place is also highly recommended by the locals of Cambridge. Nice place to visit I make you to a more joyful and excited for your family or friends. I must say that you should visit this wonderful place.

3- Cambridge University

Cambridge University is the most known University of not just Cambridge City but the whole of England. University has a good reputation all over the world because of its extra ordinary education. This university was founded by Sir George Gilbert Scott. University was made in 1209. This university you can find Interesting places like FitzWilliam museum and cambridge University Botanic Garden which is based upon 40 acres of land. This place makes your mood happy and freshens your mind and make your day good. You can have a look at the beautiful trees, beautiful plants, beautiful flowers. You can interact with the beautiful insects like ladybug. This place comfort your soul with the fresh environment it have.

 You can visit FitzWilliam museum and have a look at the antique pieces of different types of countries. If you are a student I want in higher education so I would recommend this Cambridge University have a educational tour of cambridge, England. You can have a look at the environment of Cambridge University and you can decide that whether you have to join this extra ordinary university or not.

Many High Schools around the globe recommend this university because of its ordinary education and it’s degree which is recognised worldwide. I will also recommend you to visit Cambridge University as it will be very knowledge tour of yours and I ensure you that you would like this wonderful University of Cambridge. This university is a place worth to visit.

Final Words

Cambridge is the very safe city of England and it is famous for its Universities, Colleges and Museums. Mostly the colleges and Universities are of 13 to 14th century. This place is worth to visit. I would recommend you to visit Cambridge, England. I am sure you get to win like this place and you will find this place with interesting and knowledgeable. This is a very nice place.

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