5 Best Places to Visit in Chicago

Chicago is one of the largest city of US. Chicago is famous for its architecture. It has a Skyline with the large buildings such as the iconic John Hancock center, including 1451 feet tall Willis Tower which was formerly called the Sears Tower. This city is also known for its museums and fond for art. City located in Illinois has a well named Institute which is Institute of Chicago.

Places to Visit in Chicago

There are several places that you can visit in Chicago. However, as per my suggestion following are the five best places that you can visit in Chicago

1- Millennium Park

A trip to Chicago is incomplete without visiting The Millennium Park.  This Park is located just north of the art Institute of Chicago at the Randolph Street. This place is very catchy place. Most visitors come to Millennium Park to visit and see the Crown Fountain and the cloud gate which is known as “The Bean”. The Fountain was designed by a Spanish artist Jaime Plensa.  Cloud Gate was designed by British artist Anish Kapoor. This is a bean shaped formed from the stainless steel. The Crown Foundation and the Cloud Gate proves extra efficient architecture of Chicago.

This is not only the reason that Millennium Park is visited by hundreds and thousands of people’s daily. You can see a concert at Frank Gehry. In the beautiful season of spring, you can relax In the Millennium Park of Chicago, although you will encounter several homeless people there. Millennium Park is open daily from 6 a.m. To 11 p.m.  The park and the places to visit there are free of cost.

 Many locals visit Millennium Park to comfort their soul in the beautiful gardens of The Millennium Park.  The Millennium Park is a well-known place in Chicago which can make your tour more joyful and freshen your soul and make your day better.

2- The Lincoln Park Zoo

The Lincoln Park Zoo is about the likin Park. This zoo is a home to many different species like zebras, elephants, gorillas, sloths and many more. This place is the most like place of Chicago and favorite place especially for the children’s who visit the zoo and enjoy with different types of animals.

The zoo is in the Clark Street is daily opened from 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.  6 p.m. Depending on the season in which you are going.  The Lincoln Park zoo is the best place to take your children to.  I would recommend you to take your children to the Lincoln Park Zoo so that they can be happy by watching the animals.  The Zoo is a very nature and interesting place to visit.

3- Art Institute of Chicago

The art Institute Of Chicago is A Remarkable place.  Institute is just south of The Millennium Park. This Institute promotes Artwork.  You can find many collections and paintings in the Art of institute of Chicago. You will find the pieces which are very old like the time of the Byzantine era and you can also find the paintings which are drawn just some decade ago.

 You can find any type of collection there.  The art Institute of Chicago is liked by many tourists. This museum consists pieces and collections of the famous artists like van Gogh, Monet, and Renoir.  If you are an art lover, it is a best place for you to visit in Chicago as it promotes the art industry and have a lot of art treasure in it. 

Museum is open daily from 10:30 a.m. To 5 p.m. You can visit there with Children’s and your family members and enjoy the famous and old paintings of the famous and great artists.  The place located in Michigan Ave.  Is an interesting and amazing place to visit in Chicago. You can visit Art Gallery there.  You can watch the artwork of all the worlds artist there. The staff of the museum there are very hospitable.   A guide is there also which introduces the paintings and the pieces to you.

4- The Chicago Theatre

The Chicago theatre is one of the city’s most recognizable landmark. The Chicago theatre was opened first in 1921. Firstly, this was a theatre and a place for performers to perform their show in front of the public of Chicago. This place is best for entertainment. Many tourists are recommended by the locals to visit the theatre at night to enjoy the nightlife.

Today this theatre is used to perform comedy shows musical performances. You can participate also in a one-hour theatre tour which is offered in the noon although the cell phones and cameras are not allowed there. This theatre has welcomed such big names as Duke Ellington, Diana Ross.  This theatre shows a modernized view of Chicago. If you want your tour to be more entertaining so the Chicago theatre is best place to visit and make your tour more entertaining.

If you are in a tour to Chicago, I would recommend you visit the theatre as it is an historical place and the most entertaining place of Chicago. This place is best to enjoy nightlife and watch interesting shows and watch the comedy shows performed by the comedians present there.

5- The North Avenue Beach

The North Avenue Beach is one of the most popular swimming spots in Chicago.  It is in Linking Park On lake Michigan.  There are multiple things to do in this Sandy beach, if you go there, you can see volleyball courts and plenty of space for visitors to rest. You can also find restaurants and eat tasty food there. It is a very natural place.

This beach is free to access and you can reach there by a number of local buses in Chicago. The beach is a nice spot and you can enjoy there a lot. You can also have biking there and have a remarkable memory.  If you are visiting in winters, it is must for you to know that the beach and the water gets very cold in the season of winter. The beach is busy in hot days. I recommend you visit this adventurous place have a moment of your life in the crystal-clear Water of Lake Michigan   and the sandy beach.

Final words

The visit to Chicago in Illinois, and state of Us could be very adventurous.  You can get aware of the culture of Chicago and see the amazing architecture of the city.  You can find plenty of natural beauty places.  I recommend visiting Chicago as there are multi things for you to visit. 

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