3 Best Places to Visit in Derbent

Derbent is recognized as oldest city of Russia. Derbent is a city in Dagestan of Russia. It is located on the Caspian Sea. Derbent connects Eurasian steppe and Iranian plate. It have a population of almost one hundred and twenty thousand residents living there. This city is very old and there are some buildings in this city which were build 8th century BCE, these historical places make Derbent one of the oldest cities of not just Russia but the whole world.

Places to Visit in Derbent

Many conquerors and rulers have ruled the Derbent including Persians, Mongols, Arabs, Timurids, Shirvan and Iranian kingdoms. In the 19th century the ownership of the city was passed from Iranian government to Russian government by the treaty, which was made in 1813 between the two states, the treaty was named as the ‘Treaty of Gulistan’. Places to visit in Derbent are

1- Citadel, Ancient City and Fortress Buildings of the Derbent

Citadel, Ancient City and Fortress Buildings of the Derbent is the best place in Derbent to visit for the tourist who have come across the countries to visit this ancient city and get the knowledge of the infrastructure, culture of the ancient peoples of the time of Before Christ and even earlier than it. The main attraction to the Derbent is fortresses of Derbent. Citadel is one of the most historical places of Derbent, Russia.

There you can climb stone and you can drive a directly from the top of the Mountain by the car to the fortresses of Derbent. The Fortress is not large but you can have a lot of fun having their and many architectures visit this place to enhance their knowledge of ancient buildings. This building was made in many years before the Christ, so it has a strong architecture which makes it still even in th 21st Century. From above the Fortress, you can have a beautiful look of the Caspian Sea and the city of the Derbent. There you can see several underground prisons and water storage and you can have a look at the collection of stone anchors also. There is a small Exhibition of the art and paintings of the ancient times made by the ancient artist of that time, I believe that you would like the incredible art of people of that time as you know the ‘Old is Gold’.

 In Citadel also find a small museum which attract more people especially the student and the peoples related to the field pr archaeology. In that museum you can find the Coins, jugs, weapons, clothes and many other household things and the things of The Peoples of that time they used to live. Small shop also present there, the visit to Citadel is definitely worth a visit and I ensure you that you will like this place. You can take your family and children’s so that they can also know culture of the Ancient people of Derbent and Citadel.

2- Museum of Carpet, Arts and Crafts, Derbent

In the museum of carpet, arts and crafts, Derbent you can have a lot of fun. This museum was a church before, but it was converted into a museum by the Russian government. This place is quite busy especially when sun is top off your heads. This museum promotes the work of Arts and the work of Crafts and handicrafts. It opens at 11 a.m. And closes at 6:00 p.m. The building of the museum is built very beautiful.

This Armenian Church was converted in a museum so that the Government of Russia can exhibit the handicrafts done by the locals of Dagestani, Especially the locals of Derbent. This is a public place and many of hundred people visit this place every day. I will recommend taking your children’s and your other family members to this museum so they can get aware of the fabulous work of the locals of not just only Derbent but the whole Dagestan of Russia. When you will visit this place first time you would not believe that this Church is a Museum it is reported to said that most tourist whenever visited this place thought that this is a church and went in thinking that this is a church till the doors of the museum were opened.

 If you visit Derbent I would recommend you at least visit this beautiful, structured church or a museum once. I ensure you that you will like this place and find this place very interesting.

3-Derbent Dhzuma Mosque

This City holds the culture of many Nations. When the city was under the ownership of Muslims a Mosque was constructed by the Arab government. this mosque is named as Derbent Dhzuma Mosque and it is a Shia Muslim mosque. You should visit this place with a guide so you understand the place easily as there are misconceptions between the religious differences between Shia and Sunnis. This is one of the oldest mosques of the world and it is made up of beautiful artwork.

The mosque is not so quite large, and you can walk there easily on barefoot. The mosque is free to access and you can visit this most anytime you want with no charges you have to pay. The Derbent Dhzuma Mosque is one of the most unique and antique places to Derbent if Dagestan, Russia. The mosque was built in 736 AD. This place is very significant to the locals of Derbent. I will recommend you visit this mosque so you can have a look at Muslim culture and if you are a Muslim and you are a Sunni you can have an overlook at the culture of Shia Muslims.

You can take your family with you also. You can take your children with you if you want. I ensure you that you will find this place a worth to visit but I also recommend you travel to this Mosque with a guide as there are some disputes and misconceptions of the locals of the area regarding the Mosque, so in case they would not misguide you. I believe that you will find Derbent Dhzuma Mosque quite interesting and a historical place you would love to visit, and you would recommend this place to the other ones also who are coming to visit the ancient city of Russia ‘Derbent’.

Final Words

Derbent is quite interesting and historical place of Russia. I will recommend you visit Derbent with your family and your kids so that they can enjoy and get aware of the cultures of different nations and cultures of the nations which were earlier. Derbent is definitely a worth place to visit.

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