3 Best Places to Visit in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is  the capital of Scotland. This city is associated as the second most beautiful city in the united kingdom after London. This city is popular all across the world for its beautiful scenery and engine structures. the disk elegant and gorgeous town has stone walls and towers that make it gorgeous even more. Edinburgh represents the culture of Scotland . It is famous throughout the world for its festivals. Edinburg is so beautiful and like that many people still wonder what they filled with it whenever they want to visit Edinburgh . today in this article I will tell you about some places that you can visit in Edinburgh.

Places That You Must Visit in Edinburg

Edinburg itself is a very fascinating city. There are a lot of places to visit in the Edinburg. However, due to lack of time you may find it difficult to visit the other places. In that case, I suggest you to visit these 3 places at top priority as long as you are in the Edinburg. The places to visit are

1- Edinburg Castle

The most popular place in Edinburgh is the Edinburgh Castle. The reason Edinburgh is known for Stonewell’s is because of its Castle. Nobody is sure of the time in which the Castle was built. But it is said that this fortress who was built before the 12th century. It is said that it was present during time of the day would one which represents 12 century. Archaeologists have said that this Castle was already present before the Iron Age.

this castle has made stonewalls popular throughout the world it is so beautifully built on such a large rock that it gives the scenic view of the entire city.  Believe me when I say the view is so worth it that anyone who lays eyes on it will be mesmerized by the beauty of this city. The inexplicable greenery and the wind makes the view even more charming. Are you sure you a trip to this Castle his gonna give you the serenity you need in your life.

2- Palace of Holyrood House

The Palace of Holyrood house is the official Palace of the monarch Queen Elizabeth 2 In Scotland . you can go and visit this Palace. Although it cannot compare to the Royal Palace in England this Palace it is also extremely popular among tourists it is said that the queen Elizabeth spends one week in this castle every year at the start of the summer.

Sure if you want to catch a glimpse of the Queen while make sure that you travel during the summers. Don’t take me seriously because I’m pretty sure that you will never be able to catch a glimpse of the Queen wanna know why . Because it is not open to visitors when Royals are in residence in this Palace. so make sure that you do not go is visit Edinburg when there are riots already present that are cramping this place up. yeah the Royals are pretty annoying . well who cares because these historic apartments I must see for everybody who wanted to go and visit Eden bug .

3- The National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is a museum situated in Eden bug. This museum has exhibits over a vast array of fields. It is hearts exists but it also has industrial exhibits. the arts and crafts of this exhibit a unique and portrayed the rich history of Scotland and how they fought in revolutionary wars and how this country came into being. Are you sure you later trip to this museum will be a trip down the history Lane of Scotland.

But it will not just be a trip down the history Lane you will also see cool industrial equipment well I’d rather say exhibits . These exhibits make up a large portion off exhibits in the museum. The museum is an extremely cool place. in fact many people say that this museum topped the National Museum of art and learning. If you want to understand the rich history of Scotland and see cool industrial exhibits which portray the industrial history of Scotland I suggest that you go and see the National Museum of Scotland be ’cause this museum portrays at all.


Overall Edinburg is an extremely good place to go many people travel a lot of miles just to see this place. It has a Royal Mile that is a distance from the Palace of Holyrood house to the Edinburg Castle. The Royal Mail can be very entertaining travel back forth for tourists as well as locals. I would personally recommend that you go and visit Edinburgh and make sure that you visit the Edinburg Castle that is the signature place of the Edinburg city.

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