3 Best Places to Visit in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is the third largest city of Pakistan after Lahore and Karachi, and the city is also behind Lahore and Karachi in population. Faislabad was formerly called lyalpur and it is historic in this sense that it was one of the first planned city of the British-India. It is the second largest city of Punjab. Faisalabad came into exist in 1904.

The Faisalabad in known world wide because of its Textile Market and Faisalabad is known as Manchester of Pakistan as it’s Textile market is equal to the Textile Market of Manchester, UK. Faisalabad is also called the Textile City of Pakistan. Faisalabad is famous for its food. It has the population of 3.204 million residents living there. Faisalabad covers 2,261 square miles of area. Faisalabad contributes up to 20% of the Punjab GDP and it has an average yearly GDP of 20.5 billion. Faisalabad has grown a lot and is improving day by day. Faisalabad has a plus point that it is connected and linked by all the roads and it is easy to trade in Faisalabad than other cities of Pakistan. I would recommend you to visit the ‘Textile City of Pakistan’ .

Places to Visit in Faisalabad

The Climate of Faisalabad is bearable, it means that not so cold and not so hot, it means that the climate is neutral. Many famous personalities had a tour of Faisalabad.  Founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah visited Faisalabad to give a historic speech at Dhobi Ghat in about 1943. Lord Mountbatten also went to Faisalabad during the Pakistan and India Partition in 1947. Many others had also visited Faisalabad. A lot of places are there in Faisalabad to visit. However, I will recommend you to visit the following places

1- The Clock Tower

A trip to Faisalabad is incomplete without visiting historical Landmark of Faisalabad, I mean the clock tower of the Faisalabad. The clock tower was build by the British when they were ruling the subcontinent in the 19th century. It is also called ghanta ghar by the locals of Faisalabad. I will recommend you to visit this place and you know if you google the Faisalabad you would see in the suggested images by the google that there would be an clock tower. 

This beautiful and historical Landmark attracts the more tourists towards the Faisalabad. The clock tower is located at the centre of the eighth markets.. During the festival of Eid the mayor of Faisalabad comes to this clock tower anddelivers the speech here and hangs the flag of Pakistan. Clock Tower is recognised building of Faisalabad and it is the centre of Faisalabad and centre of key markets of Faisalabad.

Clock Tower is beautiful in the day but when there is night the clock tower become more attractive, beautiful and amazing. The night view of the clock tower does not just attract the tourists but also the locals of Faisalabad, the residents of Faisalabad often visit this place to get enjoyment and to see a beautiful view of Faisalabad Clock Tower. I would recommend you to visit this amazing place especially at night time so that your tour to Faisalabad could be completed.

2- Sindbad Amusement Park

Sindbad amusement park is the best place to visit in Faisalabad especially for children’s. This place just does not attract the children’s but adults also, the adults come here to have a moment of their life and enjoy the incredible rides of the amusement park. This amusement Park is located near Iqbal Stadium and is in the neighborhood of golf course. It is an interesting place to visit in Faisalabad and I ensure you that you will not find such an interesting place anywhere in Faisalabad.

The Sindbad amusement Park is well recognized in Faisalabad anf ofcourse you have to pay to enter the park and to ride the amazing rides of the amusement park.  I will recommend you to visit the Sindbad Amusement Park especially with your children’s to make them happy. The hundreds of local residents daily visit the Sindbad Amusement Park. It is an amazing place for you to visit. There are not just rides of children but there are a lot of rides for adults especially there are rides which are prohibited for childrens and are recommended for 18 Plus only so I would warn you not to take your childrens near those rides as it would be harmful for your children.

Beside everything it is a worth place to visit although it would cost you a little but you cannot compare the money with happiness and excitement you got their in Sindbad Amusement Park. It is a worth and best place to visit in the famous city of Pakistan ‘Faisalabad’. I will recoomend you that if you have an tour to Faisalabad so tell your guide or if you are not with any tourism company so visit it by yourself to the Sindbad Amusement Park od Faisalabad and have a lot of joyful moments anf fun their.

3- Other Places

I would recommend you to visit other amazing places in Faisalabad also. You should visit the Faisalabad cinepax and enjoy a movie there. I would also recommend you to visit the University of Agriculture present in Faisalabad. This university is regarding the agriculture and this university is well recognised in Faisalabad and it is one of the most popular educational site of Faisalabad.

 If you want to do shopping and want to eat the food of Faisalabad I will recommend you to visit the Kohinoor one. This is a well recognised Mall in Faisalabad. The mall is famous for its delicious food. The Other Mall which is famous in Faisalabad is Sitara Mall, it is known for its best textile and clothes, however the whole faisalabad is know for its extra efficient textile and the large scale textile company.

Final Words

The whole textile of Pakistan is traded from Faisalabad and textile is also exported internationally. Many people visit this city for buisness purposes and Faisalabad has the Pakistan’s Largest Textile Market. I will recommend you to visit this place as the local and resdients of Faisalabad are so hospitable and polite that I ensure you that if you visist Faisalabad you woul not even get bored and you would have a joyful moment their and you would have a lot of things to learn. If you ever visit Pakistan or if you are in Pakistan you should visit Faisalabad as it is an amazing place wit historical landmarks and consists many large markets of Pakistan especially the Textile Market. Faisalabad is a worth place to visit.

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