5 Best Places to Visit in Islamabad

Pakistan is a country situated in the southern part of Asia. This country is known for its natural beauty and local culture. The culture of this country is so rich that many people visit it.  However this article is not about the entire country of Pakistan. One article can never sum up this beautiful country. This article is about the capital of this country Islamabad.

Islamabad is a city built in the 1960s by the Pakistani leader Ayyub Khan. He decided to shift the capital from the largest city of Pakistan Karachi to Islamabad a city under construction. Islamabad was not developed at that time. He planned the city and with the hard work of the government a planned city was built.

Today Islamabad is listed as the second most beautiful capital in the world after London. This beautiful city is filled with greenery and natural beauty. It is also house to the rich culture of the country. Today in this article I will talk about places to visit in Islamabad.

Places to Visit in Islamabad

When you are on the trip to Pakistan, there are some cities that you must visit in Pakistan. Islamabad is one of the,. However, when you are visiting Islamabad, it would be difficult for you to know, where you should go at first priority. Following are the 5 places, that you should visit in Islamabad.

1- Margalla Hills

These beautifull hills accompany this glorious city.  The margalla hills are great place to hike. Many hikers use the trails available to hike on the margalla hills and observe the scenic beauty of Islamabad. The margallla hills also give birth to popular tourist spots monal, pirsahawa and daman-e-koh. These tourist spots contain restaurants and spots that give view of the entire city. The view is so beautiful that many people just travel all the way up for it. The night time view considered precious by a lot of people. It is an iconic spot for photography.

2- Lok Virsa

Lok virsa is a place that contains the rich culture of Pakistan. It contains wax structures of different ethnicities in Pakistan. It represents the historical background of the Pakistanis. Musical events take place every week where traditional music is performed by the local singers and dancers. There is mushaira contest where local poets come and and recite poetry. Many people visit these events which is accompanied with local chai break. Lok virsa represents the beauty of the traditions of sindihs, Punjabis, balochis and Pashtuns. It also houses events to revitalize the local languages.

3- Faisal Mosque

This beautiful mosque is the largest mosque in Pakistan. Built by king faisal of saudia Arab this beautiful mosque can house more than a hundred thousand people for prayer.  This mosque is one of the largest mosques in the  worls. This mosque has four minarets that can be seen from far away.  The structure of the mosque is also very unique. The mosque also contains holy scriptures for the people to read. A lot of kids enjoy and play in the mosque.  Families visit the mosques and offer prayers. The mosque is an architect’s masterpiece. It is also beautiful. The structure is a feast for the eyes.

4- National Museum of Heritage

The national museum of heritage is the museum that captures the entire history of Pakistan. This beautiful museum reminds of the struggles of Muslims to free themselves from the rules of British. This museum houses the statue of the great leader Quaid-e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

The wax figures of many leaders are present in the museum. There are many historic events that are depicted in the form of wax statues. This museum represents the essence of the history of this country. The museum also has section for the infamous Indus Valley civilizations of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. The section has preserved pieces from these ancient civilizations.

5- Supreme Court

The supreme court, the highest judicial authority in the country. The place is the center of justice in the entire country. The large building is built beautifully to attract the eyes of the viewers. The feeling of visiting the supreme court is rejuvenating and it also kindles the flames of justice in the hearts of true patriots. The supreme court is extremely complex and large so it can often be confusing for the tourists.

Overall Islamabad is a very beautiful city. It is extremely deserving to be named as the second most beautiful capital in the world. It also has luxurious hotels and resorts. The infrastructure is also well developed. Islamabad has excellent restaurants that serve amazing food. Islamabad is also known for its posh restaurants. Without a doubt Islamabad is a city that every person must visit once in their life.

Final Words

Islamabad is the capital of the Pakistan. It is the second best beautiful capital in the world. The infrastructure and the scenery of the Islamabad is extremely remarkable. So, if you are on the trip to Pakistan and visiting Islamabad, then you should visit the above mentioned places in Islamabad.

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