3 Best Places to Visit in Kazan

Kazan is a city situated in Southwest Russia . The name kazan translates to mean a cauldron. It is present near the banks off volga and kazanka rivers. big city is notoriously famous throughout the country for its unique architecture . It has been popular for architecture belonging to different religions in this city.

The most off the entire countries Muslim architectures are present in the city of Kazan it has century old structures that gives the makes the city popular among people who want to visit architectural landmarks. The landmarks are beautifully built and show the rich heritage of different religions in the country.  The country is a mixture of  European and Islamic architectures and heritage. today  this article I will tell you about places to visit in kazan.

Places to Visit in Kazan

Kazan is a very attractive city. You will feel attracted to it due to love and empathy for the city. There are a number of sites that are important and you should visit. However, if I have to categorize, then following three are the best tourist sites of Kazan

1- Kul Sharif Mosque

The quality Sharif mosque is a prime example of Islamic architecture in the city of Kazan. The mosque is extremely vibrant and made beautiful colors get me extremely attractive to not only Muslims back to not Muslims as well the mosque is a place for spiritual fulfillment for the Muslims. However a lot of Muslims travel to the mosque just to observe the beauty of it.

I can assure you that this blue domed mosque is an extremely cool landmark. Many people visit this mosque to understand and study the rich heritage of muslims in Russia. The mosque is extremely beautiful and therefor attracts a lot of tourists as well as locals.

2- Kazan Kremlin

The kazan kremlin is situated right beside the kul sharif mosque. It would eb more appropriate to say that the mosque is in the bound of kremlin. Well they are just made together so it is difficult to discern. The kremlin was built on the command of ivan the terrible. It has remained as chief historic citadel for a long time. The kremlin is now an orthodox church. It was made as international heritage in 2000. The kremlin has been a historical sit for the city since the tsar built it. Many people visit the kremlin to understand the culture of Russia.

The kazan kremlin is situated right besides kul sharif mosque. This shows the inter mixing of European and muslim architecture. The kremlin presents a message of peace showing that religions can coexist. The kremlin is built with historical ec=xhibits which add even more glitter to it. The kazan kremlin is a notoriously popular spot for a lot of people who are trying to pursue inter faith harmony. The kremlin has an amazing reputation throughout the world so it attracts a lot of tourists from abroad as well as locals from all over the country.

3- The Temple of All Religions

Just like I mentioned before the beauty of kasson lies in the fact that it blends in multiple religions in city ensure peace and harmony can be obtained by the people who practice different religions different faiths. prime example of this is the temple of all religions. The temple of all religions contains worship list of different religions in one place . It has a mosque an Orthodox Church a synagogue among other worship places. The temple is currently still under construction and its construction started in 1992 .

The construction of this temple was built by illder khanove. he envisioned that different religions can coexist with peace and harmony. the please become an important tourist spot because a lot of people support the ideology and want to show that they can coexist. Currently none of the temples is active but the temple of all religions has become a temple of peace and culture and truth. many people support cousin in history and sponsor this temple. The temple has become an iconic spot amongst tourists and locals who wish to celebrate the rich interreligious history of the city of Kazan.

Overall I would like to see that kalani is an extremely beautiful face and one must visited when he goes to Visit Russia. kazane represents peace and culture at its core. The beauty of the city lies in the message it portrays and this message is very important for the people of the modern world to understand who tried to portray Islam as a religion of terror. They can see that the Muslims are mostly peaceful people and they can coexist with a lot of religions. But it is not the terrorist organizations as well as the terrorist governments that are primed to spread the propagandas. when must visit was on imbue the lesson in their children about peace and harmony.


Following are the attractive and historically important sites to visit in the Kazan. So, when you are on the visit to Kazan, visit these 3 places at your first priority. These sites will give you the overall vibes of the city.

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