3 Best Places to Visit in Lahore

Lahore is a city that is often described is one of the most culturally rich cities of Pakistan. Lahore has a very rich history because it has served as a capital during the time of the moguls. But that is not all that contributes to the rich  history of the city. this city has played an integral part in the formation of pakistan as the resolution of Pakistan was passed in this city.

It is even said that those who have not visited Lahore are not been born yet. this all signifies their importance of visiting the city. but what are the main attractions that one must see when they go to visit this beautiful city. today in this article I will tell you about some main attractions that one must with it when they go to see Lahore.

Best Places to Visit in Lahore

Lahore is more related with a food. It’s food is famous. Mostly, people visit there to taste all the important foods. However, it was the center of the Mughal empire as well. So, there are some historical tourist sites as well that you can visit. The sites are following.

1- Minar e Pakistan

The middle Pakistan is built in the memory of the resolution of Pakistan that was passed on 23rd March. This day commemorates the the idea that a new country should be made  for Muslims. this day is very important for the people of Pakistan. So a minar is formed commemorate this historical day. The purpose of this landmark is to ignite the the patriotism in the hearts of Pakistanis. Every year a lot of tourists from Pakistan travel to see this landmark. Minar e Pakistan has become a tourist spot for locals as well as foreigners. many people travel to Lahore   to see this structure.

2- Badshahi Mosque

But sure he mosque is the second largest mosque in Pakistan. The mosque was blocked by the mogul emperor aurangzeb . It was built in 1671.well it would be more accurate to say that the construction started in 1671 but the mosque did not finish building until 1673.  complete two years was required to finish this mosque.

This mosque portrays the unique architecture of the models. It is a prime example of how mogul’s was so popular for the architecture . How they spend such a large sum of money on architecture. The outside of this mosque is carved with red sandstone. it has a marble inlay. All this makes the mask very beautiful any unique. The mosque is only shorter than the Faysal mosque in size.  The mosque is a very popular tourist spot people go to pray and see the mogul architecture.

3- Shalimar Garden

The shalimar garden is one of the most beautiful garden in the world. These gardens were built by the emperor shah jahan. They were inspired by the Shalimar gardens in Srinagar Kashmir that were built by the emperor Jahangir. These gardens were used by the emperor to shah jahan to entertain important guests. The garden was basically only used for VIPs.

The garden is luxuriously built. The gardenĀ  in Srinagar is built in layers so the kinetics energy of water makes the fountain work but in these gardens there is not such large amount of kinetic energy because the land is flat. Therefore the emperor shah jahan installed systems to make the fountains work using pumps.

This garden is an excellent example of the Mughal architecture. The garden has become a popular tourist spot. Many people visit the gardens every year. Although the emperor Ranjit Singh took a lot of things from these garden to Amritsar. These gardens still are an extremely beautiful place to enjoy the serene environment. If you ever visit Lahore make sure to see these beautiful gardens.

Overall I would personally recommend you to visit Lahore because it is said that this city is the soul of Pakistan. Lahore is the second large city is tourist destinations are not all that it provides. Lahore has amazing food that attracts a lot of people form all over Pakistan. These dishes include the famous paaye made from the legs of cows or goats.

This has become an infamous dish for breakfast and a lot of people enjoy this. Other popular dishes include halwa puri and naan chaney for breakfast. All these cuisines add icing to the cake. In other words Lahore is already so marvelous that the food just makes this city heavenly. Lahore also has other tourist spots like sheesh mehal. You can go and visit these places. Overall I have mentioned a lot of places to visit in Lahore and a trip to Lahore would be completely worth it.


So, this is all about the visit to Lahore. It is more famous for the foods rather than as a tourist site. However, there are a few important touring sites as well. I have mentioned the three best touring sites that you can visit on the tour to Lahore. Further I have mentioned the special food of the Lahore as well that you can have on the visit.

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