3 Best Places to Visit in London

London the capital of the united kingdom. The United Kingdom has a very rich history and this history is portrayed in its capital. London is saidto be the most beautiful capital in the world. In the world because of its rich history and its modern buildings that portray traditional as well as modern approach to culture.

London is also an extremely popular tourist spot and people from all over the world traveled to the United Kingdom to visit this city. Not only is the city known for its beautiful scenery it is also famous for the one and only Royal family of the United Kingdom. Today in this article I will talk about several places you can visit when you visit London.

Best Places to Visit in London

If you are in a trip to UK, there are several cities that you can visit in UK. One of them in London. However, if you are arranging a trip to London and you are not native there, then how will you know which places to visit in London? Well, your problem is solved now. Following are the 3 best places that you should visit in London.

1- Royal Palace

The Royal Palace also known as the Buckingham Palace is a must see for everybody. The Royal Palace is not only beautiful but it is also rich in the culture of the British. It is not free to visit the Royal Palace you have to pay amount to visit the Royal Palace. However if you ask anybody who has ever visited the Royal Palace they say that it is completely worth it to visit it.

Buckingham Palace is set to be the most expensive house in the entire world it houses hundreds of rooms. It contains lose made of gold and portrays beautiful pictures of the King and Queen. All of this shows the rich history of the British emperors who have ruled. There is a corridor in which you can see the pictures of the Kings and the Queens of the British. The British are extremely proud of their monarchy and this place is a must visit to understand their culture better and to great more hospitable and warm welcome from the British.

2- Big Ben

Not many people might know of the Royal Palace some be some of them might be ignorant to it. But I am quite confident that everybody has at least heard or seen a picture of the Big Ben at least once. Situated in the heart of the London this magnificent tall building Isa watchtower. The Big Ben can be seen and heard from miles. Not only is the Big Ben is large it also represents the London.

The Big Ben can be termed as the identity of London similar as Eiffel Tower is the identity of Paris. No visiting Big Ben is not very difficult compared to the Royal Palace so a lot of foreign tourists can easily visit the Big Ben and see this massive Clock structure deck reminds everybody learn of the time.

3- Wax Museum

The madame tassaud museum also known as the wax museum is situated in London. It also has subbranches in other cities. however the main branch and the largest one is still the branch situated in the learning. The Madame tussaud museum was founded in 1835 by a wax sculptor Mary Tassaud. this sculpture museum has an extremely long history. It holds the wax sculptures of the Queen the Kings were celebrities and businessmen.

It houses a large number of sculptures from the iconic actors of Hollywood such as Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise. It also holds sculptures of iconic football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. Visiting the wax museum can be an enthralling who is it with your family. The museum can be fun as it has bought modern stars and historical people. foreigners visit this museum a lot. Now if you ever visit London make sure that you visit the wax museum because you would have missed a huge thing if you have not seen it at least once.

Besides these three there are also many other places that you can visit in London but the list is so long that you can go on and on and on . However make sure that whenever you visit learner you at least was at these three places and do not miss a single one of them because God knows when you will get another chance. Many people still here to visit London and I recommend everybody to visit this city because there is no place like this city and it would be a worthwhile experience especially if you are with your family and kids.

Final Words

If you are visiting London, these are the 3 best places that you must visit. These are very versatile places that are very important. They are historically important and natives rate them high as well. So, I highly recommend visiting these places.

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