3 Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles the famous city of Angels. Los Angeles is the city where people are said to go when they want to rebuild themselves. This city’s famous or it’s iconic industry the Hollywood. However that is not all that this city has to offer . Today I will tell you about some places that you can visit whenever you take a trip to Los Angeles.

Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles in known as the city of light. There are a lot of places that you should visit in the Los Angeles. However, I will suggest you not to miss the following three even if you have to miss some places.

1- Hollywood

Hollywood is famous not because of Los Angeles but because of the impact that it has created all over the world. Hollywood can be an interesting place and it might take a day or two to visit it completely. Being related to the film industry Hollywood is incredibly glamorous you can go and visit the Hall of Fame that contains the name of the iconic movie stars from the film industry and television industry that have shaped it throughout the history. You can also with the Chinese theater.

One of the most popular things about Hollywood is the iconic Hollywood sign. design is beautifully built and situated on the Hill from where the people can see it from far away. You could also go and visit the Hollywood Blvd.when I have to say that if you get lucky enough you can see a few celebrities and be lucky enough to get pictures with them.

2- Universal Studios

The Universal Studios is famous throughout the world’s For its infamous rides. It takes you to the tour of entire film production It has many rights, such as the Bride of The Walking Dead. You can see that the Universal Studios is popular because of its rich cultural history of production series. But this is not all that Universal Studios has to offer. This is also famous for its amusement parks side it. But I can assure you that you will have an amazing trip whenever you good within the universal studios

When you get tired of the park you can see that you can also go and visit the city walk. Now let me tell you about citywalk first it is 3 block entertainment area which has amazing dining that is gonna get you hooked up. When you are done with cityblock you can go and see behind the scenes experience of popular movie sets. But a lot of these movies are not available to the general public so that will tell you something why don’t you purchase the VIP membership so you can see the behind Sam movie sets of some of the most popular movies throughout their history I film industry.

3- Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is one of the most popular planetariums all across the world. It is situated inside the Griffith Park. Griffith Park is an extremely large park that was donated by Sir Griffith in 1800s to the United States so that they can build the Observatory. Therefore, the Observatory was named after Sir Griffith. The Griffith Observatory Has state of the art technology. It is home to a large number of telescopes that you can go and see every day for free. This Observatory is available to the public and is home to telescopes such as Zeiss Telescope. It has telescopes that you can go and see the moon with. You can also go and see the sun with some of its solar telescopes that are available.

This Observatory is really the most Popular Science loved attraction in the entire city of Los Angeles. When you might say that it is really the most popular in the entire California, not just the Los Angeles. If you’re planning to take your kids to a trip, I assure you that you should try the Griffith Observatory. Because your kids will love going to see cool telescopes. Well, if you are a dad going to take them, you might become a cool dad. If you’re already not. Overall, Griffith Observatory might be the best place that you can go to visit in entire LA.  

Final Words

I have told you about some of the best places that you can go to visit whenever you visit Los Angeles. I would personally recommend you to go and visit LA because it is one of the best places to visit in free time. Los Angeles deserves its place as one of the best and most popular cities in the entire world. It really deserves it and a lot of people in the United States also believe in it. A trip to LA can be life changing and I assure you that you must go and visit this gorgeous city.

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