7 Best Places to Visit in Manchester

Manchester is the major city of England. It is located on the northwest of the country. Manchester covers an area of 115.6 kilometer square. It has a population of 553,230 residents living there. There are many interesting places in Manchester including the Old Trafford stadium, which currently hosts various international cricket matches. In 2019, Stadium had also host matches of ICC World Cup. There are many museums also present in this city of UK. I will endorse you to visit this beautiful city of United Kingdoms. This place keeps the history and historical sites of 19th and 20th century. 

Places to Visit in Manchester

Although there are a lot of places that you can visit in the Manchester because it is historically rich. However, I would suggest you to visit the following 7 places in Manchester. I have chosen these 7 places to diversify, keeping in mind the love of sports here and its history. The places that I suggest you to visit are

1- Old Trafford Cricket Stadium

The Old Trafford cricket stadium is one of the most recognized places of UK because of its work that it have done. The stadium has hosted many international matches including the ICC World Cup Matches. This was open in 1837 has Manchester cricket club it was change to stadium. This stadium can host 26 thousand people in it.

2- Old Trafford Football Stadium

Old Trafford football stadium is a stadium present in Manchester, England. The stadium is the largest club stadium of United Kingdom and the eleventh largest club stadium of Europe. The owner of the stadium is Manchester United Football Club and the team of this stadium is Manchester United FC. The stadium can hold 76 thousand people in it. The location of the stadium is awesome and the locals love it. There is Lovely setup for family and the environment is very friendly there.

It must be the best stadium that country could provide. Stadium was inaugurated on 1910. I would highly recommend you to visit this stadium and if you are in a tour and there is a football match in the stadium believe me you would have a very exciting and joyful moment and you will remember this moment for your whole life. Therefore, you must visit glorious stadium. It is a worth place to visit.

3- Manchester Art Gallery

Manchester art gallery is a museum in Manchester all can also say an art gallery. The Art Gallery was found in 1823 it was built for learned society. Sir Charles Barry designed the Manchester Art Gallery. You can find many art pieces there and you will find paintings hanged on walls. This gallery is recognized in Manchester.

It is recommended by the locals of the Manchester to visit this glorious Museum. I will recommend you to this magnificent place and believe me that you will have a great moment of the life. This art gallery is located at Mosley Street, Manchester.

4- Manchester museum

 Manchester museum is located in the University of Manchester. This museum contains antique and archaeological items and some items of anthropology are also present in this magnificent museum. The museum is famous in the whole United Kingdom. This Museum is on Oxford Road. This is a vast museum and it contains various items from various countries. It contains almost 4.5 million items from different countries. This Museum was founded in 1867.

This Museum is well recognized in Manchester and the University of Manchester owns this Museum. In this museum, the world history is also displayed. 90% of the locals of Manchester always advise you to you visit this glorious Museum of Manchester. If you have a visit to Manchester, I would highly recommend you to visit Manchester Museum, as it is a place worth to visit.

5- Heaton Park

Heaton Park is one of the most beautiful park of Manchester City. It is located at Saint Margaret’s Road. This park covers an area of almost 600 acres of land. Beside everything, the park is very peaceful place. There is also a hall in in there, which is open for public only during some event or venue. This is not just the characteristics of the park; it also contains a golf course.

There is a lake in which you can do boating, there is in animal farm, and there are ornamental Gardens and adventure playground for Children’s and Papal monument and museum. In one place, you can see many things. It sounds more interesting. This place is so wonderful that it cannot be defined in words. I would highly recommend you to visit this fascinating and peaceful Park of Manchester, the all in one place.

6- Sea Life Manchester

In zoo you can easily find the wildlife animals but what about the sea life and where will you find the sea life animals? Keeping this in mind and oceanic exhibit was built in Manchester City. This place is called sea life Manchester. There you can find different species of fish and you are find them in a very better condition because the staff care well of them in this exhibit. There you can buy small play area for kids although your children will love to watch various type of sea animals.

In case, they are getting bore you can leave your kids there and enjoy the oceanic exhibit. Aquarium is located at of the Trafford Centre. You can see museums, zoo’s, movie theatres and many other places like this in other cities but this unique place you will just get in Manchester. It is a very nice place to visit you must visit this place whenever you visit Manchester. I would highly recommend you to visit this wonderful place and have a moment of your life with your family.

7- Sale Water Park

Sale Water Park one of the most famous park of England.  Thiis water park is of 152 acres in which 52 acres is utilised to make an artificial lake and other for gardens, park, playground for childrens. This water park is situated at Rifle Road. This is one of the places of Manchester which attracts the was most tourists towards the city. It is not just the place which attracts the tourist but it also attracts the locals of the Manchester.

Many locals Recommend this place for tourists to visit. This place is really worth to visit. I highly recommend you to visit this Sale Water Park and have a full moon mint in the artificial lake based upon 52 acres. I ensure you that you will love this place. You can have a never forgettable moment of your life in this place with your family.

Final Words

Manchester is the great city of England which have many interesting tourists spot and fascinating places in it. This place is really a worth to visit and you must visit this city in UK whenever you have a tour to United Kingdoms. I will highly recommend you to visit this place and spend your vacations here and a memorable moment of your life family and friends.

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