4 Best Places to Visit in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is a city present in Siberia in the south west of Russia. The city covers an area of about 502.7 kilometer square. Average Temperature of the city is 15 degree Celsius. It means that it suits best for humans and you would not face any temperature problem there.

Novosibirsk has the population of around about 1.511 million residents. The hotel expenses would be almost 32.77 Dollar to 95 Dollar. It means that the place is not too much expensive and can have a reasonable tour of Novosibirsk. Ob River is present in this city of Siberia.

Places to Visit in Novosibirsk

This city is famous for its wonderful architecture and beautiful places present their which attracts the tourists towards Novosibirsk. The most famous thing and also known as symbol of Novosibirsk is the Novosibirsk Railway Bridge which still stands today. It is a fantastic place to visit. I am sure that you would admire Novosibirsk.

1- Novosibirsk Rail Bridge

Novosibirsk Rail Bridge is located at Ob River and crossroads of Trans-Siberian Railway. This a masterpiece of Russia which was designed by Nikolai Belelyubsky. This was built during 1893-1897. It was opened in 1897 and still this wonderful and key structure Novosibirsk sands today. Novosibirsk Rail Bridge have a length of 984 meters and Steel, reinforce concrete, and stone was used in order to make this Bridge.

This is a single track railway bridge in which just one train can pass at a time. Many tourist visit Novosibirsk Rail Bridge because of its name all around the world. It is no more less than a wonder. The Bridge is designed very amazing and it looks so beautiful above the Ob River that if you would see that place, it would win your heart.

A visit to Novosibirsk would be of no use if you have not visited this masterpiece of Novosibirsk. The bridge has an excellent infrastructure, which makes it stand still in 21st century whether it was constructed in the end of 19th Century. This is must place to visit and the place is so much engrossing that It can not be defined or explained in this article. I will highly endorse you to visit this marvelous bridge in Novosibirsk.

2- The Lenina Square

The Lenina Square is one of the most remarkable place of Novosibirsk. It is also called Ploschad’ Lenina. This square is also known as the heart of Novosibirsk. This square is very important to the locals as it is a center of activity, culture and markets of Novosibirsk. This place is although commercial but it is a place worth to visit. Not just this, many museums are around Lenina Square and it is the best place in Novosibirsk where you can have antient items to watch.

If you are interested in the field of archaeology i would refer you to visit that place as it would be very benefit for you. This square is also home to many locals of Novosibirsk and many famous buildings of Novosibirsk are present there. The lenina square is a perfect place to watch unique and spectacular architecture, and wonderful culture of Novosibirsk. Nearby the lenina square you can find many theatres and other restaurants where you can eat the traditional food of Novosibirsk.

There you can also find the glorious statue of Vladimir Lenin which was a Russian Revolutionist and a very famous socialist. Just some steps away very beautiful and green parks are present which further more increases the beauties’ of┬áNovosibirsk. I will recommend this place to you and I ensure you that you will find many things to do in lenina square. This is a must place to visit in the beautiful city of Novosibirsk.

3- Novosibirsk Zoo

Novosibirsk Zoo is a nice place to visit in Novosibirsk. It is home to 10 thousand different types of species. Many tourists around the world visit Novosibirsk to have a look at this magnificent zoo. This Place is wonderful and I would recommend you to visit this place especially with your family and kids. This place is best for kids and believe me the kids will not just enjoy but the adults would have a full joyful and memorable moment there in Novosibirsk. This is a must place to visit. Many locals suggest the tourists to walk towards the Novosibirsk Zoo.

This Zoo is a home to around about 150 endangered species. This zoo is just 10 minute right away from the center of the city. It still remains an attractive place for the locals and tourists. The Novosibirsk Zoo plays an important role in the rescue and the protection of wildlife animals. This Zoo provides shelter to homeless and endangered species. This zoo saves the animals to extinct. The administration of zoo hair ensure that the species are given as possible as the best wildlife environment. The Zoo administration is doing their best regarding this.

You will find the staff and faculty of the zoo very kind to animals and very hospitable to you. In 2012, here in this zoo a very rare liger cub was born. This place is fascinating and I ensure you that the trip to this zoo would never be boring you would never feel that it was a waste of money. I recommend you to visit this amazing large zoo of Novosibirsk.

4- Other Places to visit in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is a beautiful city, which holds many things in it. Besides the above mentioned place, there are some also attractive places in Novosibirsk.  USSR Museum is a fascinating museum, which is based on the culture of the time of Soviet Union. If you enter that museum, you would feel that you are in the 20th century. This is amazing place to visit this. The museum of regional studies is home to the culture and the local history of Siberia, which makes it very important for Siberia.

The Traditional Dish

The traditional dish that is Siberian cuisine is very delicious and you can easily buy it from the restaurants of the Novosibirsk. Basically, in it there is beef and lamb or you can even have ground chicken. This dish is really delicious, you should try this at the visit of your at Novosibirsk.

Final Words

Novosibirsk is an amazing place to visit and I recommend you to visit this beautiful city of Russia. You will find many interesting places and things in this city. Locals of this city are very hospitable and you would not feel any type of difficulty. You must visit Novosibirsk with your family and friends. This place is a worth to visit.

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