7 Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is in Asia. It is a small country, but it has a lot of interesting place for you as a tourist to visit. The Singapore is also known as the playground for the rich. Singapore you can visit luxury Hotels and shopping malls. you can visit many Lovely public places with your family.

Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is famous for its development and huge buildings, which attract the tourist. However, not every time the building attracts you. There are a few other tourist sites as well, that will catch your eye. The seven best places to visit in Singapore are

1- Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo is the world’s best rainforest zoo. Singapore zoo is any pasta place to visit. The staff there is very good and by looking the animals you can say that the facility is clean, and animals are well treated. You can watch the adorable Orangutans which are particularly impressive, and your children can have fun with different types of species existing there.

If you are in wildlife lover, it is the best place for you to visit and it would make you closer to wildlife. Many different types of species are present in this zoo.  I would recommend you that if you visited Singapore, you should not leave to visit the Singapore zoo which is a well-known place in Singapore. You can enjoy there with your family and children. Singapore zoo is an adorable place and full of natural beauty.

2- Orchard Road

Singapore is well known for its incredible shopping malls. The orchard Road area is a great place to start the shopping. There are many shopping malls present there. Stores of different types of brands are present there. You will not believe that there are 22 malls and 6 departmental stores present in Orchard Road. Movie theatres are also present there if you get hungry you can have the international food present there just some footsteps away.

3- Sentosa Island

If you want to have a fun at beach under the sun so I would recommend you visit Sentosa Island, and it is the best place for you to visit and have fun there.  The Silver so beach is a good spot to visit, the visitors can have a good beach time there and visitors can also play volleyball there at the free courts present there and you can also do skimboarding there if you want your tour to be more adventurous.

This is just not there are several other beach attractions as well in addition there is an Underwater World aquarium in which you can swim with dolphins and other different types of fishes. Another thing which attracts the tourist to Sentosa Island or the Sentosa beach is the merlion which is Singapore’s famous statue consisting the head of a lion and the body of a fish. People from faraway places come to Sentosa Island to visit the Statue of Merlion. You can take an escalator to top of Statue and enjoy this scenic beauty of Sentosa Island.

4- Botanic Gardens

The Botanic garden is a worth place to visit. It preserves pieces of Singapore‚Äôs wilder heritage. Walking trail is also present there in which locals come and walk there and enjoy the natural beauty of Singapore. Botanic Garden is one of the most comfortable places of Singapore. Singapore receive UNESCO because of the botanic Gardens.  The place is very adorable, and you cannot find such a peace in any other place of this busy Singapore. I will recommend you visit botanical gardens as they are made for good reason and promote Heritage and protect trees.

5- Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Resort Complex includes a luxury a luxury hotel a mall with the canal running beside and art science museum basins Skypark observation deck. Sky parks viewing death is found in the ship in which there are Infinity pools present however they are only allowed to use by the hotel Guest on the other hand anyone can visit the observation deck. From the sky park you can see the double helix Bridge, port, the Gardens by the bay and you can see the impressive Skyline from there. 

Marina Bay Sands is quite interesting place to visit than to hear. I will recommend you that do not leave Singapore before visiting Marina Bay Sands once. You cannot just see the luxury Hotels but also see the natural beauty of Singapore from here.

6- China Town

Another place worth to visit in Singapore is China Town. If you had visit China this town would re, call you the memories of China. This town is based upon the culture of China. You can find many Hindu temples there and another Temple which is worth seeing is the Buddha tooth relic Temple. You can eat Chinese food there and you can have a lot of excitement there. Heritage markers have been translated into English, Japanese and simplified Chinese so that the visitor is like you and me can better understand the significance of the area.  There is a lot of excitement in this district. You can have a look at Chinese Heritage center located there.

7-Merlion Park

Singapore’s Merlion is the famous statue of the Singapore located in merlion park. This statue is a mythical creature with head of Lion and the body of fish. The Merlion represent sign of humble of the city.

This structure could overlook Marina Bay. This statue is 8.6 meters tall, and it weighs 70 tons, fountain is running from its mouth. The Merlion Park is an iconic place of Singapore. Merlion Park is an ideal spot for photography you can capture a magnificent view of the park and the famous statue of Singapore and the Marina Bay Sands. 

 I recommend you visit this place as this is an ideal place for photography and consists a statue of mythical creature which represents the humbleness of the city and this statue is not just famous in Singapore, but it is known throughout the world because of its iconic structure.

Final Words

Singapore is an interesting place to visit where you can find extra efficient architecture and modernized development.  Singapore consists of many luxury Hotels and iconic places. You can find many natural scenic beauty places there. I would recommend you visit Singapore it is a humble and peaceful country.  You can have a lot of enjoyment there and I ensure you that you would admire that place.

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