3 Best Places to Visit in St. Petersburg

There is no doubt that Russia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. it is considered to be a holy heaven in the in the world. If you ever visit Russia there are certain cities you must visit one of them is Saint Petersburg. Saint Peters burg is considered and extremely amazing spot for tourists. Many people travel a lot of miles just to see this gorgeous city and its rich culture and its amazing scenery. In this article I will tell you about top places you must visit while you travel to Saint Petersburg.

Places to Visit in St. Petersburg

There are several places that you can visit in the St. Petersburg. However, not every site is that important to visit. Following are the three important places in the city, that you should visit.

1- State Hermitage Museum

state Hermitage museum was founded by the Empress Catherine of Russia. it’s opened up in 1852. This Hermitage museum is the second largest Art Museum in the world after the louvre Paris . this is considered the second holiest place for artists from all over the world it occupies six buildings and has amazing exhibit of Russian renaissance as well as French renaissance. It contains the art that led to the revolution against the SARS of Russia.

This museum captures the entire art of the Russia. Museum captures the essence of the culture of the Russians. This museum also has insured Egyptian art. In actuality this museum has arts spending over multiple countries an many centuries. Therefore you can imagine the vast array of paintings and art structures in this hate in this museum. So if you ever Saint Peters burg you will realize that this state Hermitage museum can be an exciting tour with your family or your loved one . Because it offers you a I watched twice of what you want to see and admire.

2- Vasilevsky Island

is levski island is an extremely beautiful island that is connected to Saint Petersburg . It is only connected by 1 Metro. This island has a great amount of landmarks that makes it extremely attractive to tourists. The view from this island attracts a lot of people. The scenery is mesmerizing and the weather is often what one word described as heavenly

. It is connected by two bridges it also has a branch of Russian Academy of Sciences and literature on it which makes it good for residents if some tourists want to stay there. But let me assure you that the River that you see that divides this island is breathtaking. This island has also a Stock Exchange and a museum that can be used as an alternative for the Saint Hermitage museum.

3- Peter and Paul fortress

Peter and Paul fortress was built in 1700s . The main purpose of this fortress   was to protect from foreign attacks. however now it is not used to protect from foreign attacks but it is preserved as a heritage site . This Peter and Paul fortress contains multiple landmarks. It also has the last remains of the czars of Russia in the infamous Peter and Paul cathedral. So you can imagine the significance of the cultural and historical significance of this Peter and Paul portrays and via it attracts a lot of tourists and why you must go to see this place. Now this Saint petersberg mint which is still functional still present in this Paul and Peter fortress many people who want to visit the mint also go to see this historical landmark which has a lot of significance.

If you ever go to visit the Peter and Paul fortress you can also go to see the City Museum that is located inside this fortified structure. No as you can notice this fortress has a lot of things that make it a lot more attractive than any other thing on the list it has a City Museum it has the mint it also has the bitter and Paul cathedral that contains the last remains of the czars of Russia. Now that would be no surprise that this Peter Paul fortress is something that one must visit when he goes to Saint petersburg Russia.


I have talked about a lot of places that one can visit when he goes to Saint Petersburg I would personally recommend that you go and visit this place. As I have personally experienced by visiting St petersberg that this place is an amazing place than one tourist should go with their family to study and Visit. Saint Petersburg we can offer you a lot culturally as well as naturally so if you ever want to plan a trip to Russia make sure that you was it Saint Petersburg or if you’re already in Russia tried to visit this beautiful city and understand the beautiful culture that This city brings us.  

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