4 Best Places to Visit in Vladivostok

Vladivostok is a city situated in in Russia. this city is one of the largest cities of Russia. literal translation of its name Vladivostok means ruler of the East. add there is no doubt that this city is one of the largest cities in eastern Russia. therefore it lives up to its name as the ruler of the East. the city of Vladivostok are is famous  throughout the world is one of the largest metropolitan’s in the world. the city is often compared with New York and San Francisco.

Best Places to Visit in Vladivostok

The city has large sized skyscrapers could make it look as one of the most modern cities one could have in this world. all of this contributes to the beauty of lady Bostock. Vladivostok the city has many tourist spot that people from all over the World Travel to see. Today in this article I will tell you about some places to visit in Vladivostok

1- Zolotoy rog

Zolotoy rog is the 1st place that I would like to talk about. this place is what makes as the signature mark off bloody Vostok. now what makes the zolotoy rog so popular that it has become the signature mark of the city. before we answer that question let us see what the zolotoy rog is AB that is in the shape of a horn. the bear is accompanied by a modern bridge. now all of this makes the pay look so attractive that people would pay for the view. the beauty of the scenery is what gives the iconic city the iconic mark that represents it. without the solitaire rock one cannot go to see the Vladivostok city.

I have personally visited Vladivostok and I have to tell you that if you do not go and see zolotoy rog in bloody vostok then I will assure you that you have missed one of their most popular aniconic spots in the city. Moreover the reason of its popular is because the people have to travel with this rog if they want to leave the city. so this contributes to the fact that it is a popular spot because a lot of common people have to visit from it daily. all of this makes the fact that this has become the signature mark because this bridge represents the city.

2- Vladivostok Fortress

The second thing I would recommend you to visit is the fortress. no why is this part is so popular. I mean there are so many historical fortresses belonging to moral rulers and rulers from the Britain and their invaders and non Mormons the Normans and the Egyptians but why do people want to visit this fortress. when the answer is because it belonged to the military of Russia. destroyed my friend this used to be a secret base of the military of Russia. know what is more popular than the military of Russia. a lot of people are still asking that question. The Russians are notorious and infamous throughout the world because the military is considered as one of the best and the warfare with the United states during the Cold War. and the invasion of Afghanistan has put it into the spotlight.

Many people from across the world going see this fortress that represents a mighty technology that the Russians used to possess and they still do now. well what they possess right now we can probably see it like I don’t know about 40 years later but nowadays that’s not possible because it’s secret. well I assure you that the lady was stock fortress is an amazing place that one want to go and see let their kids see.if you go to this fortress I assure you that you will enjoy it very much and you will thank me later.

3- Primosky Oceanarium

This oceanarium is the third place that I would like to recommend you to visit. it is a beautifully and modern built aquarium. it has a large number of exhibits that makes children interested in marine life. many people locals as well as tourists tend to see this aquarium at least once. this oceanarium has an amazing show of white Dolphins as well as grey Dolphins. The sea Lions are also used for the show. the show is an extremely interesting thing to watch for the visitors.

It is a unique experience to see multiple marine animals for crane an amazing show. I would recommend you to go and see this oceanarium for the show at least once. there is also a play area for children to play in in this oceanarium. there are also science exhibits present so that you can also enjoy science as well as marine animals. all of this is an interesting place to take your kids to.

I would say that I have mentioned places that one must go to see in the city of Vladivostok. overall I have exceed that the city is an extremely beautiful place to go because it has beach it has oceanarium it has a fortress it has an amazing scenery beauty. it is no doubt the ruler of the East End a must see place for all.

4- Eagles Nest Hill

Eagles nest hill is the highest spot in Vladivostok. The point offers you an amazing panorama view of the city. You can climb up the hill to get there or you can also take Funicular, which is an electric train transportation. The place seems more beautiful than it sounds and do not forget to take your camera to capture the stunning view of Vladivostok.

This place is really worth to visit. I must recommend you to visit this amazing place of this amazing city of Russia. There you can have a calm environment, which will make your day more beautiful in Vladivostok. According to geologists, the Eagle’s Nest Hill is an extinct volcano. Beside everything, this place is cool and I will highly recommend you to visit this place.


You must visit these places at least once with your family and friends and have a moment of your life there. Believe you would never get bore there instead, you would love this place. Eagles nest hill is a must place to visit in Vladivostok

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