4 Best Places to Visit in Washington D.C

Washington, D.C. is the capital of U.S. The city is on the Potomac River and Washington borders the two states of America that are Maryland and Virginia. Washington, D.C. Is famous for or classic monuments buildings. Washington DC contains the three iconic buildings of the federal government of USA; these buildings are White House, the Capitol and Supreme Court.

This is not just the places to visit here; there you can watch the iconic museum, art galleries and performing art venues and many other things like great restaurants, Shopping etc. This City is named on the name of the founder of the United States of America. He is called the Father of America because of his great role he played in the independence of US. He also served as the president of US. Now we have understood the concept why the city is named Washington, but the question is that what about DC, why the city is named DC after Washington? Basically DC stand for the District of Columbia, this is why this city is named Washington D.C. 

Places to Visit in Washington DC

This city holds many historical national monuments and the famous museum. The famous Smithsonian Institution is also located here. I will highly recommend to visit this magnificent capital of United States of America. This place is really an interesting place. You must visit this place once in your lifetime. The places to Visit in Washington DC are

1- Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial is a national memorial present in Washington DC, US. This memorial built in honor of the 16th president of America, Abraham Lincoln. It is a glorious memorial and it also contains a huge statue of Abraham Lincoln. Many tourists around the globe especially visit Washington City to visit this wonderful statue of President Abraham Lincoln. A tour to Washington DC without visiting Lincoln Memorial is useless.

 It is built in the form of neoclassic temple. The architect, which had the honor to make this national memorial, was Henry Bacon. This memorial was henry’s last project. Daniel Chester French designed the monumental statue of the Abraham Lincoln. There are 58 steps, which will lead you to the entrance of memorial where you can have a look at monumental statue of Abraham Lincoln. 56 steps are for his age he lived and 2 steps for the twice time he served as president of US. This really an interesting fact of Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial was built in 1914. Since 1930 it a major tourist attraction in US. This place is such an amazing that it cannot be explained in words. I would highly recommend you to visit the Lincoln Memorial and have a look at the monumental statue of the Great Abraham Lincoln. This place is worth to visit in Washington D.C, United States of America.

2- United States Capitol

United States Capitol is a government building present in Washington DC. This is a place where US Congress and the seat of legislative branch of United States federal government meet. You must be thinking that the entrance would be prohibited, you are wrong here. This place is open to visitors for tours from Monday to Saturday, from 8:30am to 4:30pm. This place is closed on Sundays and on the national holiday like Christmas.

The entrance of the visitors is from Capitols visitor Centre that is located underground at the east of United States Capitol. The tour to Capitol is very informative and the tour guides present there to guide the tourists/ visitors are also very helpful. The view of the Capitol building is stunning.  There are many things, which you can do from the visitor Centre to the tour of Capitol Building. You can buy things from the Tuc shop and gifts shop, Restaurants are also present there and you can dine in there. It would be fun if you visit this place with you family and friends.

This place is really worth to visit. I must recommend you to visit this astonishing building of Washington City of United States of America. It is a must place to visit.

3- Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Institution is a museum present in Washington DC. It was founded on 10 August 1846. It is located in the Capital Gallery. The amazing thing about this Museum is that it charges nothing for entry in the Smithsonian Institution.

 This place is wonderful and millions of tourists arrive here in this museum because of the unique items it contains. I would recommend you to visit this amazing place. This tour to Smithsonian Institution would be informative and I ensure you that you will enjoy visiting Smithsonian Institution. You must visit this museum located on 600 Maryland Ave South West. This place is really a worth to visit.

4- White House

 White House is an official residence of USA and this is the place where the US President works. This place is an important place to US Government. Not every tourist is allowed to enter the white house. First of all you must submit a tour request at Senator Graham’s office and get the White House tickets from there.

I advise you to submit the tour form just when you visit the Washington because sometime there are so many requests and your number to enter the White House might come late. The White House is a beautiful pure white building that is why it is called the White House. White House was built in October 1972 and it is the residence President United States from 1800s. This place has a history. There in it you will find lush green Park and may be you would get a chance to meet the officials of US Government.

 Believe me your to White House would be really fantastic and you would enjoy a lot there. In there you would see an astonishing view of the White House. You must take your family and kids with you, as it is the safest place in US, as the US Army and Police is roaming outside and inside of the White House. This place is really a worth to visit. You must visit this place and do not forget to submit the tour form at Senator Graham’s Office to get tour tickets of White House.

Final Words

Washington DC is really a worth place to visit in US. This amazing capital of USA contains various historical monument and monumental statues of different great personalities like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. Jr in order to honor them.

This city is the safest city of US as it is the capital of US and home to many US Government officials. You must visit this wonderful city of United States at least once in your lifetime.

I ensure you that your tour to Washington DC would really interesting and you will have joyful moment and have memorable moments there in Washington DC, United States of America

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