The Importance of The Pyramids as a Tourist Site

The great Egyptians pyramid are no less than a wonder. These miraculous megastructures portray the fierce technology of the ancient Egyptians. These pyramids  stand tall up to 480. The most popular amongst these is the great pyramid of Giza. The pyramid of Giza is the largest of the pyramids and stands at a height of 480 ft.

The pyramids are also considered as the tombs for the ancient pharaohs. They contain the graves of the pharaohs. It would be more accurate to say that they contain the pharaohs themselves. ALIVE!!!! Maybe!. These pharaohs exist in the forms of mummies. The pharaohs after their deaths are mummified with the help of salt and then they are preserved after being covered with bandages. This all sound more like a horror movie than a tomb.

Why Pyramids are Important?

Pyramids are the historical site and that is why they are important. They have their own unique design and the science. So, it is difficult to say why they are important? It is because each person has a different perspective and it is important for them in their own way. However, there are some common reasons and the logic due to which pyramids are considered important. These are

The Wealth of Pyramids

The ancient Egyptians were ruled by the pharaohs. Many textbook mentions them as cruel some refer them as kind and wise. but in every interpretation of the history the pharaohs are portrayed as super wealthy. Their love for gold and wealth equaled their love for power and throne. Now this love and thirst resulted in them making the pyramids treasure mounds for the future generations.

Till today the pyramids have not been completely explored. Explorers have discovered mounds of gold and precious gemstones that have changed lives completely. Many people still enter the pyramids to change their lives by discovering the fortune. So many people risk their lives in these megastructures to get a piece of the wealth of these pyramids.

The pyramids are holding a huge amount if wealth that can change your life. I mean that this is potentially possible that pyramids hold up too millions of dollars’ worth of gold that is there just to be explored by an explorer and change his fate entirely. Now it is up to you to understand that whether you want to win these millions of dollars that are present in the pyramids of Giza are how far you want to stay in your home exit on your couch and enjoy a video. Well let me tell you my friends that the pyramids are a piece of treasure that needs to be explored so that you can get a huge amount of wealth that the pharaohs left behind for you that is right my friend for you.

The Unique Structure

The pyramids often seem simple. A lot of people think that the pyramids are not that difficult to build. However, till today many scientists are unable to solve the mysteries of this unique structure. The structure of the pyramids is a bit different than it looks. Many people see a square base on the pyramids. However, the pyramids are not  square based. Well many scientists wish that they were so that they would easily solve the mysteries. The pyramids are not square based they are octagonal based. Well the square length is joined by two lines that are bit tilted. These tilted lines make the structure octagonal.

How much difference can having four more sides make? Many people still ask this question. The answer is a lot. It makes a lot of difference. In fact saying a lot is understatement. It should be tremendous. The difference is so huge that no one is able to understand how the pyramids were built. When you study the structure of pyramids mathematical constants appear. Numbers like pi or the universal constants appear. Many scientist still try to understand how these numbers appeared. Scientists claim that there is no way that the Egyptians could have made all this with the technology they had. Therefore many people claim that the pyramids were built by the aliens. but were they? Or was there a lost civilization?

Many scientists have been baffled by the unique structure of the pyramids of Giza are and they are continuously studying days in prestigious institutions like Harvard and MIT. Although it is unclear what and how these pyramids were formed it is still an interesting debate that has always taken the Internet by the storm. Let us know in the comments section what you think and how the pyramids of the Giza were found and what technology was used. Let us know whether you think that there is a lost civilization in the issue of mankind that belonged to the Egyptians.

Aliens or Humans

Many people have claimed that the Egyptian pyramids are the product of aliens and they house aliens as well as the mummies of the pharaohs. However many rational scientists disagree. They believe that the Egyptians possessed technologies that were similar to the current technology.  However the passage of time affected them and they were buried and lost, this civilization is the creator of the pyramids. However how was such a civilization destroyed or ruined? Well nobody knows. Maybe we will never figure it out.

Modern Trips to the Pyramids

The Egypt’s ministry of tourism have been promoting the pyramids for a long time. Many people come to visit the pyramids every year. It is highly coveted by the tourists. It is illegal to climb the pyramids but many tourists can still visit the inside of pyramids. The tourism industry is growing and many services are available for the conveniences of the foreigners. Local guides are available for the foreigners. Security is not a problem as the security agencies are also working there. The locals are cooperative and appreciative of the foreigners.


The pyramids are a place that one must visit in their life. They area beautiful and mighty. They represent the past glory of the mankind. The interiors are also beautiful. The people of Egypt are also cooperative so they can also be a treat to the foreigners. In reality one can not die without seeing these pyramids at least once.

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