Top 3 Cities to Visit in US

The United States of America is one of the largest countries on this planet. it has more than 52 states.It has amazing tourist spots that people all over the world come to see. This country is known for its beautiful Niagara Falls that looks like what heaven would look like.  dis country is known for its vast array off climats . there are stairs that have a very high temperature but there are also states that have an extremely cold temperature .

Texas is known for tornadoes because it is often ravaged by tornadoes so a lot of people have Cellars underground where this day when tornadoes hit yourself city. However today in this topic I will tell you not about popular tourist spot but I will tell you about 2 cities you should visit when you want to go to the United States of America.

3 Best Cities to Visit in US

US as a whole is a large country. There are different large states. You face a lot of difficulty in travelling. Either, you need a lot of time to travel across different states to visit different cities by road. Or you need a lot of budget to travel these cities by air in a short time. However, if you are looking for a short trip in budget, then visit the following cites at first priority

1- New York

New York the city that houses the most billionaires in the world is a city that one must not miss. This city is known for its famous Manhattan area that is popular in a lot of TV shows such as in friends. New York also has one of the largest museums in the world the National Museum of science . This museum contains the remains of a lot of dinosaurs and a lot all other creatures that roam this planet.

You can also go to the Metropolitan Museum of art it has an amazing collection of art. The Metropolitan Museum has been around for a long time and has historical works from famous artists. There is also another spot that a lot of people go to visit the 9/11 memorial. The 9/11 memorial contains the names of all those peoples who passed away in the brutal attack of 9/ is an emotional place to remember all those who passed away in the crash by the terrorists.

Aother must see thing the city is the Statue of Liberty . This statue was gifted to the Americans by the French. This statue stands tall and everybody can see it from the city. the Statue of Liberty is not the only thing worth seeing . The Empire State building is also popular farther visitors this massive infrastructure is one of a kind. When you go to New York you must visit the Central Park as well . It is an extremely large park and a lot of tourists go around to see the beautiful scenery and playgrounds situated in this park.

2- Los Angeles

Los Angeles the city of Angels. The city is popular because it said that people come to Los Angeles to reinvent themselves. It is even said that the devil himself came to reinvent himself in Los Angeles. well maybe he did in reality but he really did in the season Lucifer. But we’re not here to talk about Lucifer but we talk about the great city that it was shot in. One of the things that you must come and visit when you visit Los Angeles is the Hollywood. If you visit Los Angeles you must visit the Universal Studios because it represents the long history off the film industry in the United States.  

If you visit Los Angeles you must go to the beach as well. Saint Monica and Venice beach is considered as one of the best beaches across the United States and it is a place to must see for all tourists. Many people go to enjoy themselves by sunbathing and playing in the sea with their loved ones. You should also go to visit the Hollywood Hall of Fame that the city has after the game in this heart of pain there second are names of people that have contributed greatly to Hollywood. It has names of great stars like Michael Jackson Tom Cruise Jackie Chan Eminem and Chuck Norris. No matter how many times you visit this city this city never gets old . The city is also known for its nightlife. He has a lot of dancing clubs where you can hang out with girls and enjoy drinking fancy drinks.

Do united The United States of America is made up of a lot of study but these two cities are the two cities that I would recommend you to go if you are planned to visit the United States of America. This these two cities boast an amazing culture and scenic tourist spots that a lot of people are interested in and I assure you that you do would enjoy your trip here. Despite the fact there are so many beautiful cities in this country these two cities take up this age and triumph as the top two cities one must visit when they come to the United  states America.  

3-Las Vegas

Vegas is a city that you must visit whenever you go see united states of America. The reason that I put in Vegas among the top three cities in the United states is be cause of the luxury and the environment that only Vegas offers. the city is home to the highest number of casinos in the United states in fact it has the highest number of casinos in the entire world. but casinos is not all that you can see there. Vegas is also notorious for its luxury items. Vegas offers one of the luxurious lifestyles in the world.

Vegas houses the most live shows compared to any other city in the United states. it has the infamous Americas Got Talent live audition as well as the Penn and teller show along with a lot of other stage shows. the highest number of magic shows occur in Vegas. another popular thing in Vegas is the restaurants or the food of Vegas. the amount of luxury in the food in Vegas can be compared to Dubai.

I assure you that Vegas is one of the cities you must visit if you are a party freak. IT is one of the best places to party in the world. With the intense environment of Vegas along with the debauchery that it offers to the tourist it has become the most notorious places in the entire united states. There is no doubt that this city deserves its name of “The city of Sin”. With the environment It offers to the tourist it has become one of the most popular tourist spots for young men and women.  However it is not advisable for you to take your kids to this city because of the environment it offers. I am not saying that it is not safe, I am just saying it might not help in their upbringing.

Final Words

US is spread across a large area. You cannot visit the whole US. Even the US natives have not visited the whole US. You can visit some of the cities of US in your trip of 14-28 days. The above three mentioned cities are the best cities of US, that you mist visit at your top priority.

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