Top 5 Cities to Visit in Egypt

Egypt is a country present in in North East Africa which links the Middle East with the North East Africa. Egypt is famous for its antiquity present in museums of Egypt and historical sites like Pyramid of Giza. Egypt is known world wide because it is in historical country and civilization were made there in about 3100 BC and even before. This type of characteristic give a lot of benefit to Egypt and many tourists are attracted by this and they visit Egypt to see the mummies of Pharaohs.

Cities to Visit in Egypt

Egypt is an interesting place and many historians visit Egypt in order to discover many other things. Egypt is is almost an No Crime country. Egypt is not so much expensive you can have a tour, a favorable tour. I would recommend you to visit Egypt. You can visit the following cities at your utmost priority

1- Cairo

Cairo is the capital of Egypt. River Nile is passing through Cairo. Cairo covers an area of 3085 kilometer square. It has a little hot weather with quite much humidity. Cairo has the population of up to 9.54 million residents. Crime rate in Cairo is very low although it is advised to tourists to remain alert so that the snatchers could not snatch their purse or bag. Cairo have Tahirir Square and a vast museum, which is visited, by the local and tourist with a great number of people daily.

The Museum is famous for the mummies present there including the mummy of Gilded King Tutankhamun and other Royal mummies. Many antique pieces are also present in this great Museum of Cairo. This is a beautiful city with huge buildings, beautiful parks and incredible shopping malls. As Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, so the Egyptians also recommend the Tourists to visit Cairo at least once. Cairo is a must place to visit and if you have a tour to Egypt I will recommend you to visit this engrossing place.

2- Giza

Giza is an Egyptian city, which is present on the west bank of the river Nile. Giza is near to Cairo. Giza covers an area of 1580 kilometer square and have population of 8.8 million residents. This City contains 3 tall pyramids including the Pyramid of Giza (one of the seven wonders). The City have cooler temperature than Cairo however there is little difference. Many people around the world Journey to Giza to have a look at the old iconic Egyptian monuments especially The Great Pyramid of Giza, which lies, between the ways of Giza to Cairo. The Pyramid King Khufu’s Tomb.

Giza does not just contains this but it also contains the Great Sphinx, which is a huge sculpture in which there is a man’s head on lion’s body. There is a solar boat museum also which contains many antique pieces. This city was founded in about 642AD. I would highly recommend you to visit this place as it will be knowledgeable tour to Giza and I am sure you would love this place. This place is a worth place to visit.

3- Aswan

Aswan is a city located on the Nile River. Like other cities of Egypt, this place is also rich with historical sites and antique pieces and royal mummies are present in the museums of Aswan. This place is the significant city of Egypt and it contains various archaeological sites. The city contains Philae temple complex, which is on the Galicia Island that is near to Landmark Aswan dam present in the Aswan.

This city contains the temple of Isis of which is nearly 4th century BC old. Just like this Temple, this city contains various ancient and historical sites, which attract the tourists towards it. I would highly recommend you to visit Aswan and I am sure you would love this place and find this place very interesting and your tour would be very knowledgeable. Aswan is a nice city to visit in Egypt.

4- Luxor

Luxor is the city of Egypt, which is located on the east Bank of the river Nile. Just like the other cities of Egypt, this city is also ancient. This city was the capital of the Pharaohs when their power was on the peak of about 16 to 11th century BC. Yes, this city is that much ancient. This City covers the area of 416 km square and this city has the elevation of about 76 meter. The Temperature of Luxor is normal. Luxor have the population of of 1.328 million residents. This city covers two ancient monument including the Luxor temple and the Karnak Temple, which are some miles north of the city.

This city contains the royal tombs of many Queens and Kings of ancient time who ruled the ancient civilization centuries before the Christ. Many ancient valleys are also present in this city on the other side of the bank of the River Nile. There are good hotels in the city and the public of the Luxor is very much hospitable like the Egyptians are, always hospitable. I will highly recommend you to visit this graceful City and have a look over the monuments of ancient times that were made centuries before the Christ. This place is a worth to visit.

5- Alexandria

Alexandria is one the most recognized city of Egypt. The city is famous for its remarkable Light House, which was once ranked among the seven wonders of the ancient world. This city contain Greco-Roman landmarks and have the cafes of old times. The Qaitbay Citadel is present in this city however, it is turned into the museum in order of the government of Egypt.

There are many wonderful and antique pieces present in this museum, which shows the culture of the old civilizations that existed in Egypt along years ago. I will highly recommend you to visit this place as this is a must place to visit.

Final Words

Egypt is one of the most interesting country present in North East Africa. It is a sacred site for many historians and many historians visit this place annually. There is a lot of to see in Egypt and the tour to Egypt could never be boring, the Tourists always enjoy living in Egypt. I will recommend you to visit feature as it contains many historical sites and it is a worth place to visit.

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