Top 5 Cities to Visit In Russia

A state of epic proportions, grand and elegant Russian city reflects this sense of size and scale in layout and design. With a colossal fortress, cathedral, and churches that line the streets and the streets are complete, visitors to Russia will find many historical and cultural sites remarkable to explore. Steeped in history, this ancient country delicacy tossed wherever you look – whether it is the stunning setting of the town itself or the wonders hidden in the middle of their path.

Russian cultural life manifests itself in the performing arts scene, opera, and theater productions, while the author and composer of international renown. The best city in Russia offers the perfect mix of old and new – modern shopping malls, trendy bars, and restaurants interspersed between the Soviet-era architecture and ancient buildings that highlight the Russian variety.

Best Cities to Visit in Russia

Russia has very diverse cities. Each city has a different environment and weather. Every tourist would like to visit all the cities of the Russia. However, not every city is that important. There are 5 best cities to visit in Russia, based on my recommendation

1- Moscow

With a long and tumultuous history, some incredible art and culture, and the world’s largest community of billionaires, it’s no wonder Moscow has always been regarded as a city of superlatives and contrasts are dramatic, creative, and intellectual energy hub.

Currently, Russia’s intriguing and sophisticated capital is expensive, almost intimidating mega-metropolis full of world-class art galleries, restaurants and shopping topnotch, the old culture and invigorated, and exciting nightlife.

Among the most iconic landmarks of the center of politics, finance, and culture of Russia is, without a doubt, the magnificent Red Square and the Kremlin mighty, with the red brick tower, a beautiful church, impressive museums, and historical sights are amazing.

Russian city Moscow is home to some of the most attractive museums, galleries, and cultural institutions in the world, so are sure not to show a world-class missed Bolshoi Theater, Tretyakov Gallery – a true celebration of art Russia, or the Art Museum Pushkin Fine – one of the most extensive galleries and most prestigious European art planet.

2- Kizhi Island

Not as famous as Moscow and St. Petersburg, but Russia’s goal is equally important is the heart of the island of Kizhi in Lake Onega. Known mainly for extraordinary open-air museum, one-of-a-kind complex historical, cultural, and natural flowers great hosts a fantastic collection of wooden structures, some of them part of the UNESCO World Heritage list, others dating back this far as a century 14th.

The most famous attractions in this small island include the Church of the Resurrection of Lazarus (the oldest wooden church in Russia) and Kizhi Pogost, with an impressive 22-domed Transfiguration Church. In addition to some of the best examples of wooden architecture country, visitors will have the opportunity to explore a series of ancient rural settlements characteristic for the region of Karelia and scattered among the beautiful, almost pristine nature of this paradise.

3- Vladivostok

Coincidence or not, one of Russia’s most attractive city is a beautiful port in the Pacific Ocean that is closer to China, Japan, and Korea region rather than to a national of Lake Baikal in Siberia. So great is located 4,000 miles from Moscow to Vladivostok, a charming town with a beautiful location, uninterrupted sea views, and hilly streets remind tourists of the storied San Francisco.

Only 15 years ago, the most easterly point was the famous Trans-Siberian Highway is a closed city, but today, Vladivostok bloom with modern architecture, exquisite cuisine, and endless entertainment opportunities.

Sportivnaya Harbor is the liveliest place in town during the summer, greets visitors with an amusement park and dozens of street vendors selling drinks, food, and all sorts of colorful souvenirs.

Places of interest in Vladivostok, including Revolutsy Bortsov Ploschad – the city’s main square; state-of-the-art Russky Island Bridge, which connects the city with a small island; Arseniev Regional History Museum; and Art Gallery Primorsky State.

4- St Peterburg

Though smaller than Moscow, St. Petersburg has so many offers; it is often impossible to see everything in one day. Compared to Moscow, St. Petersburg feels more European-both the art and the details of exquisite design mixing with history around every corner of the city. You can explore it on your foot to admire the architecture up close and personal, or take a cruise to explore a part of the 300 kilometers of canals that cut through the imperial city.

For overdose, stunning white and gold, visit the Moika Palace (most famous for being the place where Rasputin was killed) and the neo-classical 19th-century St. Isaac Cathedral Russian Orthodox museum.

Hermitage Museum, probably a tourist attraction St Petersburg’s most famous and cultural art museum second largest globally, has a collection of more than three million items that cover everything from prehistoric art (including articles of nomadic tribes in the Altai) to Catherine art collection Great.

About twenty five kilometers outside of St Petersburg, and more than worth the trip today, is the Peterhof Palace. Built-in the early 1700s as a summer residence for Peter the Great, it was like the Palace of Versailles in France.

5- Russian Tundra

is a unique tundra biome that exists only in or near the Arctic Circle. Here, the temperature is freezing that trees can not grow, and only mosses, shrubs, and some types of grass can get through the winter. In most places, it is synonymous with permafrost tundra-which means the soil is permanently frozen. In areas where the topsoil layer does not melt during the summer, swamps and rivers will form over land, leading to a beautiful ice water patch.

Russian tundra another mesmerizing beauty is home to polar bears, seals, gray wolf, and the rich birdlife during the nesting season. Over the last few decades, ecotourism has become more and more interested in the tundra, especially the Great Arctic State Nature Reserve (GASN) near Krasnoyarsk Krai city, where visitors can take many of these environments to explore, try bird watching, or visit as part of an educational tour.

The city of Murmansk, on the Kola Peninsula, not only offers a superb view of the tundra, but it’s also a great place to catch a tour to see the Northern Lights.

Final Words

These are the five best cities in Russia in my opinion. If you would like to visit the Russia, I would highly recommend to visit these 5 cities. They are best and diverse. You can feel the whole Russian environment by visiting these cities.


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