Top 5 Cities to Visit in UK

I know that travel this year was arduous due to COVID 19th, but many places are opening, as you know. People are looking for the best places to visit after a long break from outgoing and, at last, having time to refresh the air for themselves and go out for a trip or a new journey.

From Liverpool to Cambridge, London to Edinburgh, the five best cities in the UK to visit are the most precious treasures hidden, and these are right on your doorstep. When stranded in the house, you might have thought that why not visit a beautiful area to make yourself mentally fresh, then why not now?

I have got a lot of information about the five best cities to visit after this pandemic situation.

5 Best Cities to Visit in UK

UK as a whole is a good place to visit. No matter which city you are visiting, you will get the aesthetic feel in that city. However, some of the cities are more developed or historically important. So, they attract the tourist more.

If you have the limited time to visit the UK, then I will suggest you to visit the following cities.

1- Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s extraordinary city offers great architecture, beautiful scenery, historic buildings, iconic and world-famous festival, making it the perfect travel destination. As it is the capital city of Scotland, it holds excellent tourist attractions in Scottish history. The Edinburgh Castle, located in Castle Rock, providing an impressive view of the city skyline.

If you are going to visit Edinburgh’s historical side, Holyrood Palace is another great place where you can experience the official residence of the British monarchy in Scotland. It is placed at the bottom of the Royal Mile, opposite Edinburgh Castle, so why not make a day trip and see them?

Suppose there is a more artistic side inside you. In that case, you can visit the National Gallery of Scotland and witness the famous and magnificent paintings by favorite artists including Titian, Paul C├ęzanne, Claude Monet, and Vincent van Gogh. There also places the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery of Modern Art. So get yourself fascinated by the art history and culture of Scotland.

Do you want to explore the history of gripping Scotland, visit the museums that will enlighten your mind and give you the knowledge, so have a calming break and admire the sky of Edinburgh or in case you want to visit the local zoo and wanna see the only koalas in Britain: Edinburgh has it all. The choices you have are endless, and every moment you spend in this city, you will not be bored with anything but will fall in love with it more and more.

2- Birmingham

Birmingham is filled with history, culture, art, and, most importantly, fun. Whether you want a long romantic walk along the canal with your lover Gas Street Basin, or if you want to explore the views, there are Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Winterbourne Botanic Gardens, Woodgate Valley, or you can go a little outside the city center and see nafas- take Clent Hills. There are many options and a lot of beauty in each location.

Spectacular scenery and night lights are not the only things your eyes can enjoy taking in. A massive collection of artworks by famous artists in the world can be found in this incredible city. Why not check out the Gallery St Paul or the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and a peek at some valuable pieces and influential?

Birmingham has an extensive range of exciting museums and interest anyone. Some examples include Cadbury World, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Museum of Pen, Lapworth Geology Museum, or Barclaycard Arena. To expand your skills and knowledge and to visit Birmingham to find out more.

3- London

There is a large variety of activities: from exploring the magnificent park, such as Hyde Park or Regents Park, to visit the famous and breath-taking museums and art galleries: such as the Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery, National History Museum, the British Museum, the Science Museum and many more. Two essential words that fill every inch of this iconic city are education and inspiration, are

In case you want to visit with your family, London Zoo is a great place to start and get the kids excited. The Sea Life London Aquarium is another location to watch the marine exhibits. Also, activities of excitement for the whole family will be visiting Madame Tussauds and get a taste of all of your favorite celebrity.

This city is also home to the British royal family – the Queen and the whole family. London grandeur to any traveler, but the city provides a vast amount of experience – history, art, culture, music, food – almost anything.

4- Bristol

Bristol is one of the cities that may not come to mind when you first think of visiting several UK cities. Perched near Bath, it’s effortless to get here by train or car.

Bristol is a city full of history, famous for its iconic suspension bridge, music, and fertile growing street-art culture. As home to Banksy, make sure you check out some epic artwork that he has created a whole city. Plus, who knows, maybe you’ll even pass on the street. While taking a walk around town, be sure to visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Cathedral, explore, and walk-in Harborside.

For a delicious sweet treat, pop to Margot in May, which made the most delicious scones throughout the UK.

5- Durham

One of the best ways to arrive in Durham is by train; well, in my opinion, anyway.

As the train pulls in, you will get a glimpse of how beautiful this city is located in northern England’s stunning natural landscapes.

Once you’re there, be sure to pop into the Roman cathedral that overlooks this small town. Keep in mind taking a camera with you so you can capture every moment you spend here and shot stunning Instagram shots.

The cathedral is surrounded by paths quite beautiful. Nearby, the ancient university town and Crook Hall is also great to see.

To treat yummy, pop into this Glady Vintage Tea Room makes the most delicious breakfast and freshly brewed tea.

Everywhere has its pros and cons, and Durham lower revenues offset by the low cost of living, which is why they offer a relatively good quality of life and over a third of our table.

Final Words

UK itself is a great a country. You can visit anywhere you would like to. However, due to lack of time, you might want to short your trip to UK. In that case, following are the 5 cities I would recommend you to visit. By visiting these cities, you can get the overall vibes of the UK.

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