Top 3 Cities to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful country of the world. It is an island country located in Oceania southwest of Pacific Ocean. It has more than 700 smaller islands and New Zealand covers an area of 268,021 square kilometers. The country has the population of 4.917 million residents.

The beauty of New Zealand attracts tourists all around the world. Almost all the cities of New Zealand are on the top list of the beauty, but today we are going to just tell you about the top 3 cities of New Zealand that are way too beautiful.

Cities to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is a huge country and there are a lot of cities to visit there. Further you can visit a lot of places in those cities. So, on your trip to New Zealand, I recommend you to visit the following cities at your utmost priority.

1- Auckland

Auckland is the largest city of New Zealand. Auckland I think is not just the most beautiful city of New Zealand instead it is the most beautiful city in the world. Auckland is the most populous city of New Zealand with a population of 1.657 million residents. Auckland is known as the ‘City of Sails’ because it is based upon the twin harbors of New Zealand and it lies over volcanic hills. Auckland is famous city in New Zealand because of its multi-cultural hub of music, food, culture and arts. Auckland covers an area of 1,086 kilometer square.

 At the beautiful large harbors of Auckland, you can have a look at the whales and dolphins, which attracts the most of the tourists towards Auckland. Auckland is also known as the ‘City of Volcanoes’ as there are forty-five volcanoes in the Auckland. Many tourists want a crazy adventure so they also climb the volcanoes, however they climb with safety but still it is dangerous but it is adventurous also. There you can watch memorial museums and the Auckland art gallery in which there is an historical building dating back to 19th Century.

There you can visit the most interesting place in New Zealand that is the Kelly Tartlon’s Aquarium. In this amazing aquarium you cannot just watch the marine life from far away or you don’t have to wait for the fishes to come at the edge of Aquarium so you have look at them instead there is beautiful Glass tunnel in the aquarium from where you can pass all through the Aquarium. It sound more interesting. There you can walk beside marine animals. This place is really amazing to visit in Auckland.

 Beside everything, Auckland is a modern city, which contains a lot of modernized cafes and restaurants. Auckland contains many historical buildings in it and a lot of tourist are attracted toward it. You can relax in Auckland and breathe the clean air of Auckland. Auckland is really the wonderful city of not just New Zealand but the whole globe. Auckland is must to visit whenever you have a tour to New Zealand.

2- Christchurch

Christchurch is the city located in the South Island of New Zealand. Christchurch is known for early English heritage present there. It is the oldest in New Zealand. The city covers an area of 1,426 kilometer square with a population of 381,500 residents living there in the city. The curved Avon River passes through the City. On the banks of the river there is a cycling path where cyclist come and enjoy there cycling a lot.

To have an aerial view of the city you must visit the mountain people present in Heathcote Valley. This tourist attraction is called Christchurch Gondola Ride. It attracts many of the tourists. If you want your tour more beautiful, so you must visit Aoraki and the Tasman Glacier. Mt Cook or Aoraki is the highest mountain in New Zealand and Tasman Glacier is the largest glacier of New Zealand located in south Alps, south island, Christchurch. This place have a heavenly beauty and this calm and beautiful place will make your tour more scenic.

The New Zealand World Peace Bell is a historical landmark, which is also present in this fantastic city. The city contains many museum but renowned museum of Christchurch is the ferry mead heritage park. It was built in 1964. This museum concentrate on the theme of transport related however, there are other also historical items there. Christchurch is a city in newzealand with many heritage and beauty. You must visit this place. I would highly recommend you to visit this place.

3- Wellington

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. The city is near to the North Islands. The City contains Sandy beaches, busy Harbor. The Capital of New Zealand is famous for its amazing bars, cafes and fantastic restaurant where you can have delicious food of New Zealand. It is one of the most safest city of New Zealand and it is ranked second in the world for safety for its residents and tourists. Wellington is considered as the safest capital in the world, moreover crime rates in in New Zealand are almost zero. Zealandia, the natural place of wildlife, which is protected by New Zealand Government, is also present here.

This place is quite more interesting than it seems. It was created in 1999 and it is opened all the year except at Christmas Day i.e. 25 December. This wildlife refuge in Wellington protects the forests and help the forest to restore. This place is wonderful and you must visit this at least once when you have a tour to Wellington. Another amazing tourist attraction in Wellington is Weta Cave. It is a special effect studio museum and store where you can have a look at the exhibits of movies like ‘lord of the rings’ and many other special effect movies.

This amazing place also contains Weta Workshop, which is a film production place in Wellington.  Believe me you would love this fantastic place. I would highly recommend you to visit this fascinating place in Wellington. Beside this, we have Wellington Zoo there, where you can interact with interactive animals and endangered species have a home in there. You can also see Beehive there, which is a Zealand Parliament building. Wellington is really an interesting city of New Zealand. I will highly recommend you to visit Wellington.

Final Words

New Zealand is one of the beautiful city in the world. If you are on the trip to New Zealand, I will recommend you to visit the above mentioned cities in the New Zealand. If you think there is any other beautiful city that I have missed, do let me know in the comments.

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