How Tourism Contributes to Economy?

Tourism is an industry that is growing day by day. This industry impacts a lot of other industries and today in this article we will discuss how the tourism industry impacts the economy of a country . Whether the tourism brings in negative positive effects will be the main aspect of our article.

Tourism is impacting the economy more and more day by day. There are many countries and cities that make tourism the primary source of earning for the people in that country. For example Dubai is famous for luxury tourism. there are luxurious hotels and resorts that are there so that people can enjoy them from abroad.

Tourism Contribution to Economy

Many people travel to the way just to enjoy the luxury that it offers. In this way we can see how the economy of a country is affected by tourism and how tourism can be made an integral part of the economy of the country.  

Now let us discuss a bit about how tourism affects other local industries

1- Hotel Industry

Hotel is a business that earns the most because of tourism. whether it be domestic tourism or international tourism they all contribute a lot to this industry. no matter Viet people travel whether it is in their own country or it is outside their country they will always require accommodation. Since daily quiet accommodation people spend money to get hotel rooms. Now as soon as there is a boon and increasing tourism more hotels are required to beer the influx of people crowding that region. therefore a lot of hotels are built .

There can be different kind of hotels. Luxurious one or there can be normal ones to accommodate middle class people. but I assure you that whatever hotel you choose whether it’s a five star it’s a 3 star it will create jobs for the locals.  Now as more hotels are being created the industry will flourish. this will make more foreign investments possible in the country because people would want to get a part of this business. now all of this contributes a lot to the GDP and will become a part of an increase in the GDP of the country.

2- Transport industry

Transport is one of the industries that owns a lot as tourism is increased. now as tourist visit new destination they will require a mode of transport. all of this can be possible in the form of public transport such as buses or Metro trains like in Islamabad. but there is also an increase in amount of cars rented or booked for transportation purposes. there are companies that offer electric previous transportation just to tourists. now all these luxurious transportations and normal transportations increase the job opportunities for drivers.

With an increasing number of drivers the jobs for unemployed people will increase.this will decrease the unemployment rate of the country and it was also boosted GDP of the country making the country progressed much more than it used to before. the all of this shows how these two industries are just affected by the increase in tourism. before we went there I built a lot of industries that are affected by tourism the mean in the primary thing should be discreet should be discussing should be the effect of tourism on the GDP and how we should boost the tourism to increase the economy of the country.

3- Tourism Add GDP

As I mentioned before the tourism industry contributes a lot to the economy. the tourism industry can become an integral part to boosting the GDP of the country. many people travel a lot because traveling has become a lot easier than it used to be for. people want to visit your country and will try to purchase things from the local market which will increase the exports. with the number of increasing exports the local industry are also known as the cottage industry can flourish. an example of this is the cottage industry of making carpets in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan.

Here locals make carpet with hand. no the Buddhists wizard gilded bulleted stand for its scenic beauty but when there was a dead love the traditional carpets they’re made there. so the purchase this carpets making the carpet industry of Gilgit Baltistan flourish . this will provide revenue for the locals who are living in extremely hard life there. all of this will make the GDP flourish because these people will pay taxes when they want to transport all of this out of the country. all of this in turns benefits the country.

Now I mentioned that GDP and tourism are a lot of things and how some of the industries are affected by tourism a lot I would personally say that boosting tourism should be the main perspective of any country that is blessed with beautiful views. even if the country is not blessed with a lot of views they can introduce artificial structures just like Dubai did to make the city or the country more beautiful and attractive to tourists or businessmen. cities like Dubai are trying to remove dependency on oil and break the tourism primary focus. all of this will boost the industry that is already in Dubai so I personally recommend everybody to cry take a tourism agency and promote tourism in their country.

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